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"Trust me… They’ll touch you!"

NOWHERE – The Band
Philadelphia, Pa.: “NOWHERE”; once an urban legend- now a kick ass rock band plays Dr. Watson’s Pub @ 216 South 11th Street, in the heart of Center City Philadelphia! February 21, 2008.

Thanks to Dr. Watson’s Pub, Jaxon’s Local Shots and 93.3 WMMR radio and Double V Bookings; the crowd on Tuesday night can come and enjoy various local, original and alternative music. Tonight’s venue included Nowhere, Head and the Mikey Potato Show.

Today I’d like to focus on a very audible band called NOWHERE. They are totally perceptible, loud, resounding and within earshot at a small local venue. Check ‘em out! You’ll be Sorry if you don’t! Take my word for it… Visit this zone and be prepared to keep your footing! I’ve reviewed hundreds of bands and this is one you’ve got to see, feel, hear and follow! Trust me… They’ll touch you in ways never imagined.

Soon to follow:

Review and awesome write-up on “NOWHERE” the band
Sending press release 10 days in advance of the publication date.

Kind regards and much respect,
Carol Hower-Kelly © 2008
- Carol Hower-Kelly


Now hear this!

Nowhere is it! I haven't heard an instant rock and roll band, this cool in years. Bravado, irony and killer swagger with mucho attack and a band of fanatics that follow them around in every kind of weather. All for a reason. It's a no-brainer. They rock in the right spot. I play Nowhere to my peeps to just remind them them that history is about to repeat itself. That this rock rocks and that 'Nowhere' is it's new monster advocate. Plus.....they ROCK!!!!!!!!

Jamie Cohen
A To Tha Motherfuckin K Productions
Hanging My Hat On A Star, New Mexico
Former A&R Rep. For: (Columbia, Sony, Arista, BMG, and EMI America) Records - Jamie Cohen A&R Sony

"Over 400 attend Nowhere concert"

Over 400 attend Nowhere concert @ The Trocadero Theatre Mainstage Oct.19.
A terrific live performance. I look forward to the next booking with the band.
Steven Cermanski
Praying Mantis Entertainment - Praying Mantis Entertainment


"Whenever Nowhere plays the Grape Street, I know the place will be full of energy. The guest list is a mile long because they don't rock for dollars!"

Andrew Geigert
The Grape Street
Philadelphia - Andrew Geigert Grape Street Philadelphia


All ya need is three guys, playin three instruments, for three minutes. Where does that get ya? Huh? Nofuckinwhere dats where.
Kevin Wesley Williams: Independent live & recording audio engineer/producer. - Kevin Wesley Williams

"Here you go!"

Here you go!
A mix of pulsing rock and swaying blues, Nowhere storms your ears with satisfying results. While listening, there’s no doubt your head will bob and your feet will tap the ground, and if not, your whole body will groove with crashing beats dotted beneath angular guitars. Their songs vary from ballads that pull on heartstrings to catchy, upbeat rock out sessions. They deserve all the fanfare they can possibly receive, so I rotate their tunes on my radio show through Syracuse University’s free format station. So, if you’re a fan of real rock n’ roll with some raw emotion, check out Nowhere.
Courtney Allessio – Promotions Director and DJ at WERW of Syracuse University - Courtney Allessio

""without artistic delusions""

Imagine Rock 'N Roll sailing through time without artistic delusions or psycholgical hang-ups. Imagine guys singing about their real lives to a solid back beat. You get all this with the punch of early Rolling Stones,the whimsy of Dylan,the simplicity of The Replacements and the angst of Neil Young. - Kenny G


Opening Night - 2002 LP
Seventy Six - 2004 LP
Colwell Sessions - 2006 EP
Self-Titled - 2008 EP

"4th Floor" off of nowhere's self-titled EP is featured on 93.3 WMMR's Local Shots Live Vol.5. See the video for "4th Floor" at

"You" off of Nowhere's second release, Seventy Six, has been aired on Philadelphia's WMMR and West Chester PA's WCUR radio.

Selected tracks appear on their websites. If you'd like a complete edition please send a request.



Somewhere in Philadelphia...
Ring ring
"I saw nowherelive on TV!"

For the rock band nowherelive, 2009 was
another year of major & college radio air
play, along with earning a spot on
ABC's Tuned In.

The DIY trio, only recently seeking
representation, has recorded 4 albums,
shot 2 videos & gigged in PA, NJ, & NY
with national acts, like the Toadies at a
sold out Trocadero & Marty Casey's
Lovehammers at The Stone Pony NJ.

Influenced by the Stones, AD/DC, Doors,
Zep & Cash, nowherelive has developed a
floor stomping, guitar driven, leave
your eye-liner at home, rock & roll.

These guys are moving forward,
2009 looks to be their break-out year.