Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

Highly memorable melodies driven by heavy guitars and a pounding rhythm section are the focal point for Now-Here-This. Modern, but borrowing from a combination of Nirvana meets Boston.


Now is the time. Here is the place. This is the infectiously melodic hard rock band you've been waiting to hear. In an age of sludgy power chords, Now-Here-This represents a needed breath of fresh air, where melody, lyrics, and song-writing are just as important as loud guitars and a solid rhythm section.

Described as "a rock group with substance" by lead entertainment critic Alex Reynolds of CHTV (Global CanWest Network), Now-Here-This has gained media attention from campus radio, print media, community television, and Hamilton's classic rock giant, Y108. This exposure has helped build a strong local reputation, with live experiences ranging from main stage appearances at major festivals, to both headlining and support status on shows at the Westside Concert Theatre, to being asked to open for recording acts such as Helix, 54-40, Dave Rave, and Saga. Along the way, they have gained accolades from members of some of Canada's most respected bands - Chilliwack, The Forgotten Rebels and Helix to name a few.

Delighted with the response to their first self-titled album, this Hamilton, ON. band has been working on their long-awaited follow-up. With the departure of an original guitar player, who also contributed to the writing of the first album, guitarist Ken Leboeuf was brought in to fill both roles. He has added a heavier guitar sound and a more technical presence to support the rhythm section of Dave Langerak (drums) and Mark Fenton (bass) that has given the band a heavier and more cohesive sound overall. Between him and vocalist/guitarist Chris Tondreau, writing for the new album is well on its way towards completion. Though the new material has a greater textural range than ever before (but still defying easy description), the focus has remained unchanged from the beginning.

"First and foremost, we wanted to release an album where songwriting came first," says Tondreau. "We wanted those songs to have some lyrical substance (well... most of them....) and to be so insidiously catchy that they stick to you after only one or two listens, where the average person can sing along with the choruses before the song is even over. "

"We think that we've achieved that. We wanted the musicianship to be solid, but not the focus of the album. The solos are crafted to add a very purposeful sense of melody to each song rather than just wanking to fill space."

With this new album in the works, Now-Here-This is determined to continue to take charge of that space in your head that won't stop playing back their tunes, even after just a single listen. Now‌HEAR this!


2006 - Now-Here-This

Cool Like You - played on Classic Rock radio giant Y108, CFMU, and C101.1.
Crazy Dream - played on radio C101.1, CFMU, Hamilton, and on CHTV (Global media) on Live at 5:30.
The Preacher and the Clown - played on radio C101.1, CFMU

Set List

Cool Like You
Temporary Insanity
Crime Rate
Like This
Crazy Dream
On Trial
Fame Today
Don't Change Your Mind
The Preacher and the Clown

Total time = 45 min.