now here

now here


an exciting and energetic folk rock band with hand clapping rhythms, thought provoking lyrics, and melodies you'll be whistling hours after you've heard their music.


now·here is an original three piece band who draws its influences from various jam band, funk, blues and folk sounds. the members of now·here, andrew sturges (drums), jesse warnock, (bass), and trevor edge (guitar) met and formed in columbus ohio. the trio was introduced by guru, brad bloomberg. in 2005, during a chance meeting at a local bar, brad tells jesse of a drummer in need of a band. a few days later, jesse meets andrew and the two give their first performance at a bar called club 202 a week later. throughout the next year andrew and jesse hit several highs and lows in their pursuit for another musician. then in 2006, guru brad bloomburg once again introduces someone who will become a member of now·here. trevor edge is introduced and is immediatly liked by jesse and andrew. the three then begin to write music and play local music venues. today now·here lives in boston mass. and is constantly writing performing and recording new tracks. of the most recent tracks, randy winks of torch entertainment dubbed their sound, "raw, bare-boned yet innovative earthy rock with an injection of the blues." as the members of now·here continue to write perform and record, two simple goals are kept in mind: to make good tunes and to have fun in doing so.


we are not affiliated with any particular record or production company, however, we have an LP that we have recorded and produced ourselves that we have for sale.

Set List

We have played sets ranging from 15 mins to 2 1/2 hours. for the longer shows we break them up into sets of two or three. we are an original band but we like to pay homage to those musicians who have come before us by playing covers as well.
our songs:
wasted minds
wake up
u.s dollar blues
beaches of time
the moonshine song
the lion
it seems
new one
hot coals
when i try
from nothing down into love
when we rise

noted covers:
the weight-the band
friend of the devil-grateful dead
on the road again-willie nelson
must of got lost-j.giles band
when i paint my masterpiece-bob dylan
mr. customs man-arlo guthrie
the man in me-bob dylan
shakedown street-grateful dead
mommy, what's a funkadelic-parliment funkadelic
roll another joint-tom petty
mr. jones-counting crows
and more.....