Now Productions

Now Productions


Film music, beats, and songs written to inspire. Now Productions is brand new group of electronic musicians, jazz musicians, folk singers, engineers, and poets inspired to create music for a variety of different media. We produce and compose music for films, commercials, rappers and singers


Now Productions

The Denver based music production company started in 2008 by saxophonist and composer Serafin Sanchez. Now is a collaborative group of social conscious musicians, producers, engineers, and business professionals inspired to create uplifting music for all media.

Now Productions is ready to compose music and sound for full length films, documentaries, commercials, and ambient sounds. They are available to work with artists from all genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Indi, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, and Classical.


Now Productions: "The Time is Now" (EP) coming 2009