n.o.x. music is an high energy exploration of bass music with exciting synth work, powerful drum lines, laser beams, and hip hop rhymes!


N.O.X. aka. Matthew Staley is a DJ/Producer who lives and and works in Southern Oregon's Rouge Valley. N.O.X. got his start deejaying parties with the Rebel Bass Crew in Ashland and has steadily been gaining momentum playing shows up and down the West Coast sharing the stage with heavy-hitters like Panty Raid, EPROM, Timonkey, Gladkill, and Scuzzy. Last spring N.O.X. released his first EP 93=418 which was an exploration of hip -hop style beats highlighted by dubstep synth work. In his live sets N.O.X. combines elements of glitch, dubstep, hip-hop with a phat helpin' of BASS, creating his own unique flavor of electronic music!!!


93=418 ep june 2012