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The Manifesto Of The Pain Of A Man

Written By: Noyé

verse 1

All my life, never knew friends and that's pain
when everybody had sunshine, I had rain

I even tried committ'in suicide plenty times
Gritty mind, driven to my limit like City lines

I even tried drown'in my sorrows in a religion
then I looked in the mirror and hated how I was live'in

I hated everybody, Men, Women and children
I meditated, comptemplate'in ways to kill'em

Death was my only hero, life was a villain
I used to question my existence and why it was given

From birth, I never feel I fit on this earth
Coulda lied to myself, and took longer to search

A child of the Most High with the thoughts of a bastard
I'm on my knees, begg'in and plead'in that my prayers are answered

I'm just tryna maintain and do what I can
Feel me. The Manifesto of the Pain of a Man.

Verse 2

Understand the pain of a man in many forms
my soul is like a raincoat, it's been through many storms

Many morn'ins I woke up wish'in I was dead
But nobody cared, and I was pushed to the edge

Completely isolated, reach'in for my dreams
try'in to make it while defiant snakes devise to take it

Blood, sweat and tears for many years now it's clear
I approach all of my challenges without a fear

I'm like Samson, haircut low, steadily advance'in
endure'in L's in process, take'in my chances

A very hard road to the throne, if I can last it
my name will be engraved in stone

But I can't dwell on the technicals
I look at my future prophetical
I look at my past, hope I can let it go

I'm just tryna maintain and do what I can
Feel me. The Manifesto of the Pain of a Man.

Verse 3

They say it's a silver lin'in around every cloud
somebody tell me where was mine, when I was down...

Everyday was like noth'in left
Everyday was like another step towards unavoidable death

I looked in the mirror the mirror cracks
Now that's 7 years gone, I try to be strong it'll never be back

Some people sit back, reflect on the past and feel glad
All I remember's the glory days I never had

Late nights I couldn't even sleep my dungeon was deep
No reason to live, noth'in to seek

I still haven't forgot those days that pain still runs through my veins
affect'in my brain, what have I gained?

Shackles and chains
Seems as everything in my way in my path is inflamed
Dirty religion, grabb'in for fame

Now parts of me wondered if dy'in out coulda resolved it
premonitions, blow'in my brains out with a revolver

I reminisce hot winter nights and cold summers
I know that sounds dumb but, I can give you the numbers

A man's inner struggle, put plans in to hustle
to stay focused, keep'in my hands outta trouble

It's like a fast nose dive to an early grave
that makes a man go insane just tryna sustain

I'm just tryna maintain and do what I can
Feel me. The Manifesto of the Pain of a Man.