Joan Henry & Noyeh-Ongeh, Mother Earth

Joan Henry & Noyeh-Ongeh, Mother Earth


It's a journey. With a driving spirit & wings of song, Native composer-singer Joan Henry performs alone - OR - revs up her band Noyeh-Ongeh, Mother Earth to bring listeners over mountains & canyons or into NYC at midnight, in a fusion of pop, jazz, funk, country, r&b & traditional Native rhythms


About Joan Henry:

Vocalist, actress, dancer, composer, poet-lyricist, percussionist and choreographer, it’s hard to think of a style she doesn’t cover. She sings everything. Really. And folks sing back to her...

She credits Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ella Fitzgerald, Flora Purim & Milton Nascimento as key inspirations that influenced and guided her musical life, explaining, “Buffy’s career in particular showed me that is was possible to do what I do - to blend our native culture and ideas into contemporary music and be successful with it. She was someone I could identify with, and she encouraged me later in life. All four of these singers, though, did that in their own way - they all had something to say, they all understood their voices as instruments of a Master Orchestrator in relationship to the rest of their band, and all four dissolved barriers with the simple power of their voices.”

About Noyeh-Ongeh, Mother Earth:

Joan Henry and her musical allies & family - Ken Lovelett, Rob Norris, Chuk Fowler, Cassondra Madera & Jon Delson - have been weaving melodic tapestries in a wide range of styles around and beyond New York’s Hudson Valley in one form or another for many years. A commitment to the spirit of the Earth, awareness of the power of personal roots and the relatedness of all beings everywhere, carried on the back of superb musicianship, keeps the music of their collaborations alive and kicking, moving and inspiring audiences wherever they go… This flexible & gifted pool of individually established artists, all keenly aware of the rapid changes to life on our Mother Earth, are all dedicated to bringing New World rhythms and awareness to the next place in a meaningful and interconnective way – working together.

- And with Joani, an audience never knows how they’re going to be involved…

Be ready. It may move you to tears -- or to dance…

Wado - thanks for listening.


Kiisii - For My Son

Written By: Joan Henry

Mountains and valleys aren't the only ways you know
Wide plains and deserts blossom freely as you go
Clearly with heart and voice,
Why make a choice?
Wander through it all...
Accepting beauty as your own.

From the sipapu-ne
Grandparents ages old
And those unborn
Listen for your call...
And dancing with you, homeward go

Starlight and sunlight, rocks and rivers told me so

Singing - home...

Buffalo Trail

Written By: Joan Henry

Gonna ride for awhile on this buffalo trail
'Til the wind blows back through my hair
And I lay down...

And I trust every inch of this buffalo trail
Like I trust my grandma's words
That I say now...

Gonna fly
on this buffalo trail
Eagle- high
With the wind for a tail
No more tryin'
'Cause I'm not gonna fail--
I'm just gonna ride...
(...'N' see what I see)

New Mountain

Written By: Joan Henry (lyrics English & Cherokee)

I want you to know
I want you to know - tsigataha!
What I already know--
It's coming...

I want you to hear
I want you to hear - heluhiga!
What I already hear--
They're coming...
(Grandparents/Ancestors walking)

Like a rising new mountain coming up from the sea
All these changes that are happening are for you and me

(You and me - she's our Mother, y'know--
When she changes, we also change...
Some are left behind - but that's all right,
They are not far...
You've gotta know...)

Reality is simple, feel it on your skin
It's not about what you can grab, it is the heart within...
(Tsigataha! - you've gotta know.)

'Giyvha gohi iga / New mountain arising
A new mountain arising / gohi iga...

I want you to know
I want you to know - tsigataha!
What I already know--
(Aniwoniha - they're coming...)

I want you to hear
She's shakin' out her shawl and she's stretchin' out wide
Gonna bring up all the beauty lying deep inside
New mountain arising
New mountain arising / I want you to hear
I want you to hear - heluhiga! -
What I already hear...


Never Give Up Your Dream

Written By: Joan Henry

The oldest people living tell us
Dreaming keeps the world together
Hold on
Hold on
(Hold on)

Never give up your dream
Never give up the sight
Never give up your dream

Well, sometimes it's a sweet "Tsilugi!"
Sometimes it's a rainy night
Mist rising from the heat of autumn
When the nuts fall ripe
It could be the snow chest-high and gleaming
Or a feather eagle-gold
From the tiniest creature to the elders above
Got to dream until the Earth grows old

Hold on to your dream
Give it room to fly

Never give up your dream
Never give up the sight
Never give up your dream

It could be respect and honor
Or a tiny hand in yours
Could be standin' on a mountaintop, a Harley or a shiny car
Doesn't matter if the dream is yours
Sometimes it's the arms around you
To be a family and have close friends
It's the land in bloom, your time to dance
So that the dreaming never ends

Hold on to your dream / Hold on to your deam
Give it room to fly / Give it room to grow

Never give up your dream
Never give up the sight
Never give up your dream
Hold on to its light...

(traditional chant)



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