Peoria, Arizona, USA

NOYZE is a guitar based rock band with a fresh sound


From the beginning, some 15 years ago, long time friends Don Lynch and Kyle Menges seemed to be joined at the hip when it came to guitar playing. Somehow, the sound of the twin guitar slayers always seemed to mesh well and brought to mind memory’s of some of the legends . . . Harrison and Lennon, Betts and Allman, But seriously, they do compliment each other quite well. The twosome honed there skills thru the years playing with various singers, drummers and bass players, but nothing seemed to really fit with their style. Then, in March of 2006, thru a mutual acquaintance they were introduced to one of the pieces they needed to finish this puzzle they had started years earlier. Dave Durham hails from Indy, and carries around a reputation of being one of the most versatile drummers slash percussionist that has ever graced the Phoenix music scene! With influences the likes of Bill Bruford, John Bonham, Buddy Rich and a score of many other greats, Dave thru the years has developed his own unique style. Whether he is laying down drum tracks for another musician in Japan, who heard his music on “Myspace”, or pounding out a “Zepplin” cover with some buddies at a house party, people can’t help but be blown away with his confidence, skill and utter domination of the drum kit! When initially being told of the guitar duo, Dave was hesitant to jump on board due to the lack of a bass player and vocals, but after hearing the “tone” generated by Lynch and Menges, Dave felt the potential was too much to turn away from, and decided to go for it. The search then ensued for the right bass player and singer to fill in the missing pieces. After four months, two bass players, two singers, the project looked as though it might lose its momentum and come to an untimely end. But not willing to give into defeat, Dave convinced Don and Kyle to start recording the material they had been working on with the hope that their sound might attract the musicians they were looking for! In early October 2006, the first tracks were laid down in Dave’s home studio. During mix down of the first track, it became even more apparent that they really did have something special! By the time November had rolled around, Dave had contacted an old friend and ex band mate, singer and songwriter, Joe DeCelle. Dave had worked years earlier with Joe in the band “Marketfield”. Joe DeCelle has been in the music business for quite a few years and has fronted some very successful rock bands in the Phoenix area, as well as pushing his own solo career to a success. Joe heard what they had laid down, and immediately went to work writing the lyrics. , and by mid January 2007, eleven songs were in the can! “NOYZE”, the self titled debut CD was mixed down and mastered just in the nick of time, as the band received a call to open up for “L.A.Guns” at the world famous “Whisky A Go Go” in Hollywood Ca. What a great venue to debut the band and have a CD release party! Needless to say the concert was a success and met with great reviews from industry insiders! The band has now made the finishing touches on their follow up CD “FUTHER IN”, and is now working on their live show. They are also concentrating their efforts on the internet, and satellite radio scene. “NOYZE” music can be downloaded on most any of the internet sites and is soon to be heard on Sirius Satellite radio. For more information visit our website at
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noyze vol.1- lp released 3-1-07
further in- lp released 1-10-08

both cd's are receving airplay on over 50 net. radio stations

Set List

we do all originals "no covers" our set can be adjusted from 30 to 90 minutes