Nancy Reagan's Enduring Love

Nancy Reagan's Enduring Love


Let's save us both half a minute of bullshit. Listen to the music.


Nancy Reagan's Enduring Love, or simply "NREL" if you're lazy, is a three piece rock band from Long Island, New York whom are not-so-widely-known for their sometimes noisy, oftentimes fun, and always off-kilter pop songs about topics ranging from nuclear fission to guidos to the Dixie Chicks and beyond. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Craig Heed, bassist Josh Ginsberg, and drummer Batesmaroo, NREL (I'm lazy) have thus far into their young career played a couple of shows and released a "defiantly lo-fi" demo (and the obligatory live bonus track reissue). Having written a slew of songs with more and more on the way, the band expects to release an extended play demo early into the new year, and, should all go right, a full length album by the end of 2007, to the enjoyment of their rabidly eager fanbase.


We'll Be Bigger Than The Sun/In Late May CD-R Single (2006)
We'll Be Bigger Than The Sun + Bonus Tracks CD-R Single (2006)

Set List

Every gig we've had was a half hour set or less. That allows for about 5 or 6 songs. No covers. Live favorites include "Bigger Than the Sun," "Cubist Eyes" and "Batesmaroo."