“They’re not a metal band”, but, you guessed right; they are Norwegian...


Heavily influenced by American rock, however, nrwy did not ponder the question of travelling 5000 miles to Austin, Texas to record their first album. To help them capture the sound, the band was aided by co-producer Nick Joswick and technician Evan Kleinecke at 5th Street Studios. Together they decided upon making a completely analogue recording, true to their 70’s heroes. «Negatives» is drenched in melancholy, but through vocal harmonies, guitarsolos and elements of noise, it is a record not easily put away.

«Negatives» comprises 9 songs that will sound exquisite on vinyl. We hope and think you are going to like it.

nrwy are Erik Grov, Per Christian Grov, Sjur Vidar Lilleås, Amund Stokke og Lill Katrin Bødal


Corrections EP (2011)

Negatives (2013) - album recorded at 5th Street Studios, Austin, Texas