Dayton, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

A veratile rapper commercialsound with a street vibe. A style that weaves inside and outside the lines. Has been compared to Ludacris, Chingy, and Bone thugs.


Ask Dayton, Ohio native Nsanity his career plan and the versatile will let you know the deal. "I'm in the game to add a new element to music. I think every artist should be trying to think outside the box. I'm here to make change and set myself apart in the process.
One listen to his bumpin' and bass blasted mixtape “I Gotta Get Mine” and it's pretty apparent that this artist has not only set a goal but also nailed it. Of course what else would you expect from this Ohio rapper with enough fire power to be the next big thing out of the Midwest? Since he first exploded onto the scene Nsanity has emerged slowly but surely and has learned alot about the business through his dealings with lawyers to his relationship with industry vets. He inspires to make his label TOTL Entertainment a household name. Nsanity has been grinding on his music for years to perfect his craft and find his niche. On I Gotta Get Mine, Nsanity is taking no shorts and pulling no punches, lacing us with pure heat song after song. This is the first major taste of what Nsanity is bringing to the table. Nsanity easily unleashes a volley of verbiage, delivered with his unmistakably nimble tongued flow. If folks needed any further proof as to Nsanity's gift, then pay attention because his songs shut down any and all lingering doubts.

" I think that with every album you have to give people a piece of you, something that they don't know about; whether it's personal or maybe a sound or idea they haven't heard before. That's something I set out to do every time. On all my songs/albums I talk about everything. I get personal, about my emotions, money situations, my life. I've got metaphoric songs, club songs, songs for the women, party songs, songs about my experience traveling: just living my life. I really think it’s my time because it's what I've always wanted to do."

Chief on the to do list for Nsanity is expanding his fan base by having the creative courage to reach out to potential new audiences. To establish a style yet not get stuck in a formulaic rut. From the jump Nsanity has shown himself to be flexible and able to hold it down with the grimiest of rappers. “I think one of the things that keeps me fresh and keeps the public interested in me is my versatility. I feel that I'm able to bring something different each time."
Label executive. Rapper. Actor. Born Star. Nsanity brings his unique persona and approach to everything he does and in the process he expands to an even wider fan base. With TOTL Entertainments Nsanity gears up to do battle. Armed with, wildness, lyrical dexterity, heart, and a sense of who he is and what he can be. Ask Nsanity his philosophy and he breaks it down. "l always tell people that longevity is the most important thing to me. I'm always looking forward. I know that when it comes to hip hop I'm one of the chosen few and I'm very happy with what success and recognition I receive but as far as where I'm going I have no limitations even though I know this is only the beginning.


Beat N My Trunk

Written By: Nsanity

Beat N My Trunk


I Gotta Get Mine - Mixtape - Out Now
Came Outta Nowhere -Mixtape - May 2nd
This Is Nsanity - Album - July 08'

Set List

My sets vary depending on the audiendce I'm performing for. My sets typically lasts 30 minutes but can be more or less depending on the need.