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"Pop Contest Winners Newsound & Golden Chyl's"




We will be posting Cool and Dre's review on both artists singles in a future newsletter. Look out for it! Again, we would like to thank all the participants that submitted their for the Pop Contest.



That Sound is a hit single that everybody loves right now. Its pretty much one of the anthem of Newsound. We have alot of hits playing on the internet at and No radio play because we still have to get some of our material copyright.



Newsound is a band that provides good music. Newsound is trying to bring hip hop back with our versatile style. Fans & Friends will say our music sounds like no other sound today. Mr. Walker and D.K.E.(Da Kid Emm) have two different styles to create a newsound. This sound that we create defintley sets us apart from other artists and bands. The reason said is because we have the ability to stay true to our music. Meaning alot of people out here now and days are just creating songs that dont mean anything at all. Newsound isnt about that type of era we are about bringing the lyricism back in hip hop. Back in August 2008 I approcah my friend D.K.E about starting a group and taking it to big places into the music industry. So he listen to the idea because he was already in the game doing his solo career as an unsigned artist. I was just starting to get into music even more when I came back my freshman year of college. We was already good friends already doing our childhood and highschool years. After I brought some instrumentals over his house we started writing. Let me tell you it was amazing because when we finish the song we knew it was something special. Then we look at each other like, okay lets make this happen. So I took a risk by not going back to college and focus on my music career with D.K.E. A couple months later we created a mixtape called " Digital Swagger". The area we live in, in Maryland is called Carroll County. Now in carroll county there is nothing out here but land and quiteness. We swept Carroll County off there feet with this mixtape and got a buzz around the city of Baltimore. Now we started looking for showcases around Maryland and did a showcase for 92.Q radio station hiphop Music Seminar 2008. As our 2nd time being on stage we turn it out and crowd like the newsound. There were alot of A&R and Record labels there to invest in new talent. A lot feedback we got and we took that in and made it work. After that the buzz started growing big around the internet about us, when sites was put of us. People started listening and recognizing our music. Newsound was asked to be the Top 5 artist featured in April 2008. Also we won a music review from producers Cool & Dre. Many people try to get us out to do showcases everywhere but its hard for us. Newsound works very hard everyday and isnt in the best positions as other people. We are grateful that god has bless us with this talent and mind today. As right now we stay in the studio working and creating good music. Trying to get our sound heard around the world even more to major labels. Newsound will always and defintley have to say GOD is our influnence. Also our family, friends, and fan base. An other artists out there bring the true sound to hip hop today and grinding doing there thing. NEWSOUND!!!