Nth Synthesis

Nth Synthesis


Halfway between electronica and dancefloor electro, with 70's influences. Abstract visuals respond to electronic sounds, live and on our music videos. Full spectrum electronic music and video.



American Pierce Warnecke and Frenchman Romain Serrate are the two humans that comprise this Nth Synthesis. Two geeks from different backgrounds, both captivated by technology and intelligent machines.
After releasing an EP on the Canadian label Nishi, they return in May 2008 with a dual 5 song/3 video CD on BEE Records. Throughout their work they draw a universe of catchy melodies, chopped beats and distorted fractals. Their technological electro borrows from IDM while avoiding an experimental cliché. An alchemy right on the border of chaos, like the thermodynamic triple point between three phases:
sound, emotion and images. Influences as diverse as Brian Eno, Plaid, Klaus Schulze or Maurice G Dantec fill their simple 'human' minds.


Chapitre Premier, 5 song EP, Nishi Records 2007 (NSH114)
Prone, 5 song/3 Video EP, Bee Records 2008

Set List

An hour long electronic audio/visual show. Starts dark ambient and ends dancefloor with electronica in between.