NUA's strength and their appeal lies in the authentic storytelling and retelling that is at the historic heart of most Irish music. This is a rarity in itself, as we see the ballad (a song that tells a story) as a form virtually disappearing from popular music.


NUA was formed in 2005 as a side project that grew beyond the expectations of Jim McDermott and Tommy McCann. Originally NUA was formed to allow them to hone their singing and song-writing talents for a more intimate audience.

Tommy McCann comes from Belfast, Ireland. He pours into his music both stories and songs of his youth. His quit wit and ease with an audience make him a great entertainer!

Jim McDermott comes from Southern New Jersey and traces his Irish roots to Irish immigrants of the Great Famine. His singing and drumming comes from growing up in a household filled with music. The things he does with a goat skin is un-natural!


Self-Titled - NUA
Featured in, "The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast #50" available from iTunes.

Set List

Typical set may include, Christy Moore, U2, Social Distortion, The Dubliners, The Saw Doctors, Johnny Cash, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Pogues and our own original material.