Nuala Dalton

Nuala Dalton


Described by The Crack magazine as: 'a voice that can be unbelievably angelic one second and tinged with a hint of serial-killer seriousness the next' Music that makes you want to open your arms to all that may come.


Album in process, to be released December 2009.
The tracks available to be heard here have not had the vocals or guitar recorded yet, and are only rough guide tracks, however you can get a feel for my style and lyrics.

Coming from the countryside, it took a winding path to get to being in a rock band, as it's just doesn't fit so easily into rural life! Bought my first electric guitar off a local farmer who played in a country western band.

So still on my wind-ey path through performing traditional Irish music and song, Appalachian, Flamenco, Cuban and an African/world music band later, I came to where I am today, working with two great musicians, and my debut self-composed album due out in December. Songs of rebellion, songs to get mad and dance to.

"It's not what you look like when you're doing what you're doing, it's what you're doing when you're doing what you look like you're yourself!"


Dear Dad Tango - Soznak (home made rekords 2009)
Flute and backing vocals


Set List

Currently concentrating on the new album, so set would consist of 12 tracks from the new album, 2 sets of 20 minutes.

Covers/traditional sets also possible in other genres Appalachian & Irish