Nuba of the 25th hour (Un Pont sur la mer)

Nuba of the 25th hour (Un Pont sur la mer)


The NUBA OF THE 25th HOUR manages to bring up to date the thousand old style of the nuba, one of the most noble foundations of classical North African music. This nuba marries the Provencal traditions with both shores of the Mediterranean.


Cie Montanaro has been formed in 2001. Based in the south of France, in deep of Provence in a small village named Correns. Cie Montanaro is the tool in Miquèu Montanaro's hands to achieve his creative work. It continues his habits of musical dialogues and exchanges that he has since many years. It helps to increase public awareness about Montanaro's music.
Several shows have been created since the Compagnie exists : Ora Daurada & Calènda (2002), Opéra Dòna (2003) and Mathis (2004). Un Provençal au Château is on schedule in 2005. What is in common in these creations, except Miquèu Montanaro himself, is the will of the meeting between different languages. The meeting could be between instruments of different origins, between music and video, between traditional and classical music ...

NUBA OF THE 25th HOUR is the way to explore links between provencal and arabo andalusian music.
There existed already 24 noubas (half of which were lost, not having been transmitted through the generations). With the help of Smaïn Hini and Naguib Kateb, Miquèu Montanaro composed a “nouba of the 25th hour“. A worldly nouba unconnected with religion, respecting the forms used in the past while renewing the genre. That is to say a musical genre that is full of life, relevant to the period in which it exists, that renews itself and adapts to its own environment.


- "Un Pont sur la Mer" / Montanaro & Al Maoussilia (Cimo&To / Nord Sud - 2005)

- "Otramar" (Cimo&To - 2006)

Set List

1, Intro
2, Istikhbar
3, Tawchia
4, Solo flute
5, Kursi
6, Mçaddar
7, Istikhbar 2
8, Kursi 2
9, Btahy
10, Pont
11, Kursi 3
12, Darj
13, Kursi insiraf
14, Insiraf
15, Kh'lass 1
16, Kh'lass 2
17, Kh'lass 3