Baltimore, Maryland, USA
BandHip Hop

Jason "Kid Deuce" Donaldson is a "Lyrical Beast". He offers to the world of hip hop exactly what its missing..."authentic lyrics". Kid Deuce takes listeners back to the day when hip hop was fun and lyrics were clever. "Deuce" is definately an artist to look out for, in the present and the future.


Kid Deuce has been a native of Baltimore Maryland for as long as he has existed. The 6'8 writer is no stranger to the hip hop scene and has been making his mark since 2005, where he made his debut as one third of the lyrical super group Tri-State Mafia. Since then, he has been pushing his lyrical prowess and song writing capabilities to mainstream heights. Eminem, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, and Biggie Smalls are a portion of his favorites, as his musical influences stretch across many genres. Kid Duece is dangerous talent. He is one that uses his entire background and all that he's experienced in his music. Because of his slightly twisted, almost dark mind, he has the ability to channel those thoughs, and create a story you can't help but to stop and listen to. His life is his greatest push behind music that you can really just sit and relate too. His lyrics are dangerous, and he's a threat to the game, and yet he remains calm, with a smile on his face as if life was all grand. It gives him mystery and draws the audience in.


Kid Deuce's first solo project was his mixtape entitled Mr. M.I.A which received over 300 streams in 2 weeks on jamwave. It was also featured and available for download on reverbnation as well as jamwave.
Tha Catalyst, his second mixtape, was released in late 2010, due to an insuffient promotional team it did fairly well, Kid Deuce is currently under new management and with the relaunch of Tha Catalyst 1.0, it has taken off and surpassed the previous streams and downloads on reverbnation and jamwave. Tha Catalyst 1.0 was also featured on Mixtape Pass, Whotune, and Mixtape Live in its first week of release.