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My music is a direct expression of my life and the culture I choose to live by.



Nublaze says it all about music when he says, “Hip Hop is life, it’s not something you want portray.” In today’s industry a lot of artists are trying to portray certain images and lifestyles they know nothing about. Nublaze keeps his feet grounded and lyrics real. A Nublaze track gives you more than just a beat to vibe to, it gives listeners lyrics to relate to, and times to remember.

His roots were planted in Queens, NY in 1980. As a young kid, his uncle was a local New York DJ very involved in the hip hop scene. Hip Hop is what Nublaze was raised with. His uncle took the liberty of teaching him the elements of hip hop, from spray cans to turntables. At the age of 12 he picked up a microphone and has been spitting ever since. He created a rhyme for any instrumental he could get his hands on.

As it is for most youth, growing up in New York can get you in to some troubles. Nublaze spent his teenage years traveling between Miami and New York. His family was trying their best to keep him on the right track. Throughout his life Hip Hop was instrumental in keeping him sane. During hard times, venting out came thru his lyrics. His freestyle ciphers weren’t just pastime activities; it was an outlet from all the stress in his life.

Finally in 2003 he settled down in Miami and was able to focus on his career in the music industry. After going thru the obstacles any up and coming MC has to go thru, he established himself as a true to life hip hop MC and is currently working on his debut album No Question!

His rhymes are versatile, but true to the essence of Hip Hop. You can find Nublaze on numerous mix tapes, compilations and performing live in local shows and venues through out Florida. Recognized as a local favorite Nublaze has the talent, marketability and drive for success.

9360 Sunset Drive# 260
Miami, Fl 33173
Main 786.229.4242 Fax 786.228.0738


Come Around

Written By: Nublaze

I'm my own worst nightmare, yo boy Blaze right here, like Mike in his prime hit'n shots rock'n Nike Airs, rock the flow, the Champ is home, got a flow so fire, make u stop drop and roll, I aint alone cousin, got a fleet full of beat eat'n niggaz that keep streets buzz'n, so when the call beckons, I got a bullet in the barrell of my rocket that I call Roger Clemens, break down the sentence, I been sentenced to life in these streets, it aint my fault I carried loaded weapons, blaze the booth aim and shoot, set it off on the mic no more aim'n at you, plus I got a deal I aint tryin to catch a case Got slugs on my waist that'll love to eat ya face but I'm smarter now then I was 6 years ago I aint tryin to let it go yall wanna feel the flow
I aint impress'd wit the set
that you rep
Best of load up the tech
Go to war
Cause when I come around
The block is hot set up shop
Sixteens that I drop
Quik to melt ya top homie
Everybody wanna talk shit
Like yo boy can't spit
I'll fuck around drop bars
To leave ya wig split
I'll Turn your dome into a stadium
Wit a blast to the cranium
And you don't even have to pay me nothin I'm sicker then the next dude Just because my heads screwed On tight that's right I'm that nice on the mic device precise wit punchlines Hit em wit a style that's wild that's right its crunch time listen I'm sick of the bitchin So if you can't stand the heat then Get your ass up out the kitchen I'm on the block pitchin steady hit'n What they give'n me Third degree weaponry So why you stay sweat'n me Get off the nuts You dudes straight butt Get'n fuck'd like some sluts Cause you quick to give it up Dog when I touch down You better duck clown Everything seem to change When I come around uhh

All For You

Written By: Nublaze

Everythin that I do. Is all for u
Aint a damn thing in this world i won't do Hop out the whip Cop a new bag or two Aint a chick out in the game Bad as you Hot to def Had to get get this off my chest Cause if I aint get right Then yo boy gets left But yet Your not impress'd Wit materialistics Its the little things in life That keeps your interest Believe me You know the drill I need a get away driver Your behind the wheel Ride or die This years bonnie and clyde So when I step to the club Your right by my side The baddest chick
5'7 thighs is thick
Long hair brown eyes
And your vibe is sick
I aint to talk trash
But ma your the shit
Got no time for these hoes
Let's go back to the crib.
And babygirl you a freak
When it come to the sheets
You make a brother wanna stay home forget the streets Hit the beach on the weekend No more creep in No need to creep when You in my bed sleepin Your my queen we a team fa'real Just be my supergirl ill be your man of steel let me know How you really feel and when the deal Comes we can take a trip To Brazil On the real I aint one to boast or brag but anything u want All u have to do is ask Let me guess new lex New jag new maybach wit The digital dash Holla at me yo boy quick to make It happen Ceritified latin rapper goin platinum Let's get it crackin Kick it in the hamptons Down a couple drinks while We lampin in the mansion


3 Styles, Party & Bullshit, All For you, Get Retarted, Come Around

Set List

Typical sets range between 25-30 minutes but can be accommodated to any time frame.

All of Nublazes tracks are oringinal:
"3 Styles"
"Party & Bullshit"
"Get Retarted"
"Come Around"
"All for you"
"Game Time"