Nuby Dan & Jomo Dread

Nuby Dan & Jomo Dread


Pure energy that uplifts the soul. good to the ears. puts you in many moods. music coming from ghetto livity, and the poor and have nots that make something out of nothing.


Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred From St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, to Denver, Colorado Two brothers make Dancehall music with style and consciousness Out of the smoldering U.S. Virgin Islands reggae scene, two young artists bring driving dancehall to the Rocky Mountains. Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred come to Colorado and beyond with the hottest reggae sound from the U.S. Virgin Islands. Their socially conscious lyrics erupt over dancehall beats straight from the streets of St. Thomas. Nuby Dan, 23, and Jomo Dred, 24, are two brothers from a musical family. Their Rastafarian parents raised them up on music and a spiritual commitment to Jah Rastafari, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie. Their upbringing shines through, as the brothers are soft-spoken and well mannered—but when they hit the stage, these two explode with pure fire. Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred grew up in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, in a rough housing project known locally as “Ras Valley,” because of the large population of dreadlock-wearing Rasta people living there. The brothers’ music is rooted in this street-born reggae consciousness. Their lyrics reflect the hopes and struggles of the people in the ghettos. Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred released their debut album, Raggedy, in 2005, to rave reviews from the people on the streets of the Virgin Islands. The album, featuring the brothers’ dynamic singjay-style of singing and chanting, made waves from Boston and New York, all the way to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and beyond. Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred have been the opening act for reggae superstars like Israel Vibrations, Buju Banton, Midnite, De Apostle, Rocker T, Yami Bolo, Jus Goodie, Spragga Benz and Lion Souljahs. The brothers played the 2006 Poudre River Reggae Festival near Fort Collins, Colorado, along with their mother and their sister as a special treat. Recently the two have been recording with DJ Prophecy of Zionway Recordings. As a true testament to their rising star, Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred are featured artists on the Project Groundation Massive compilation album Volume 21: Nothing to Prove, along with other Virgin Islands artists like Midnite, Pressure and Desarie. Nuby Dan and Jomo Dred are youths with the talent and spirit to bring urban reggae to the masses. Look for them at for downloads and tour dates.


Close to you: released in 2007 singles being played are Close to you and Headswell

Raggedy: released in 2005. record single-heartbroken and upyemighty race.

Set List

set list depends on the amount of time given to perform. we have up to 1.5hrs solid original songs starting with roots rhythm with modern vibes and balances it with roots dancehall. This makes the perfomance versitile and interestiing