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Nuclear Family (Nuk Fam for short) is a full meal, while most rap acts are just snacks.


"I'm glowing again, can you feel it?"

That's what Nuclear Fam emcee Probe asks the crowd on his song "Moon", and it pretty much sums up the way these cats approach their live show. It is an experience, not just another forgettable moment in the New York City music scene.

In their show, Fam members run it down, from hardcore rock energy to thoughtful lyrical expressions - from simple storytelling to complex rythmic twists. Oftentimes they'll do it all in one song. The variety of their music reflects the variety of their personalities, which in turn is a reflection of the diversity of their audiences.

It's never a surprise to see a truly mixed crowd at a Nuk Fam show. And it's not just guys. Many observers have remarked that they've never seen so many young women at a hip hop event that wasn't an Atmosphere show. Now that's what's up.

Before you go on, you really have to see their new video. Cut and paste the following text (apparently sonicbids won't let me insert a link here)

The video was produced through a sponsorship by Scion, after Fam members won a song contest hosted by the car company (their song was chosen as the best among over 1,000 entries). The video was directed by the talented Andrew Gura (Madlib, MF DOOM, Nas). Enjoy.

Back to the story... the members of Nuk Fam just want to be themselves, and that's what separates them from the pack in a music form cluttered up with wannabes and posers. There was a time when having your own style in Hip Hop was the thing to do. Nuclear Family's music is a nod to that era, as Fam members are inspired by the likes of De La Soul, Ghostface, the Pharcyde, Aceyalone, MF DOOM, KMD, and many more.

"Real people aren't so simple. Nobody has only one side to their personality." So says Fam member and Ruffnoxious Records founder Krayola. It's never easy to express this complexity in music, especially in a group of seven, but by making music to reflect all the different sides of their personalities, Nuk Fam is going to try anyway.

Nuk Fam has been rocking shows in and around NYC for years and is now looking to expand on the loyal base they've managed to build in the rotten apple. They've opened for hip hop legends, including Ghostface Killa, Raekwon, the Beatnuts, Masta Ace and the Pharcyde. They've also done shows with underground hip hop mainstays such as Non Phixion, Jean Grae and Lyrics Born.

To continue the resume, the Nuk kids have been featured in many of the hippest music and urban culture publications, including URB, XLR8R, Mass Appeal, Vapors, Beautiful Decay, While You Were Sleeping and more. Check the press quotes for more info.

for the real deal, though, you must check their website, a real doozie, created by Johnny Forz of Piecemaker Design.

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- Brandon Cattle



Written By: Baje One (M. Tumbarello), Probe (M. Boucher)


Roads, we don't need none of those / No matter where we go, got that plutonium for our time machine / And we'll be alright...

Baje One:

It's so simple when you break it down like that man / Crumple up your old self, throw it in the trash can / Shed skin like a snake do / But I aint no snake dude / Regardless of what some might say to you / I used to think that I was going crazy / Cause I didn't know people were supposed to change / So I fit into the mold that they chose and made for me / The written rule was old, so I chose to break em, see? / After school, I built my time machine / I got a flux capacitor, and a rhyme, and a beat / Always said I'd fly away, well today's the day / I'm bout to be up in that fourth dimension, like AA / With a B-boy bounce to my teleportation / See we's bout to bounce to go develop a spaceship / It's a helluva makeshift operation / Slow, so the fellas get wasted while we waitin / No capitan - we the soldiers of sound / But some think we'll never get this thing off the ground / They abandoned the ship, didn't like the odds / So I rep for who's left like I'm Mikey Palms...

Chorus 2X


And there's many bumpy roads / I'm here to save the world like Frank and Donnie Darko / Believe in the ultimate goal / Left behind, I'm challengin and changin every course of time, with every rhyme / Battlin myself is part of my pasttime / As time pass I craft mine / Drop lines like Tetris online / Me and the road hit together like wood chimes / I deliberately defy it when there's a path I can't find / So I look to the Nuk for intervention / I found em on the ancient mountain / I saw the map in the reflection in the park water fountain / I knew it was time to make it happen / If it aint rappin, I'm goin back to time travelin / First there was sound and then there was light / That's why the people start glowin when I jump on the mic / We might change your life in a single night / Spark fires that'll blind a man at first sight / Call me the Crypt Keeper cause I'm deadin you and makin your life a full-length feauture / I still spit bars and say "Hi, nice to meet ya!"


"The New Singles" EP
"That's the Way the Whole Thing Started" 12"

Tracks from these records can be heard streaming on our site,, and have been played on college radio stations across the country and in Canada.

Set List

We can tailor a set to match any bill, but we're usually most comfortable on stage for 25-50 minutes.

A typical set list might include:

Raw (Baje One, Tony Tank, Krayola)
Dirt Bikes (Krayola, Tony Tank)
What Are We Gonna Do? (Baje One, Krayola, Probe, N.E.M.C.)
Roads (Baje One, Scott, Probe)
That's the Way (Baje One)
Diamond Grenades (Probe, Tony Tank, Krayola)
Get Up (N.E.M.C.)
Bancroft (Baje One, Scott Thorough)
Moon (Probe, Scott Thorough)
Hardworkin New Yorkers (Tony Tank, Krayola)