I am a song writer and I write songs based on what I see and hear and what I think. Some songs are about life and some are based on imagination.



I am a computer engineer but one of my hobby is song writing. I find it relaxing to let my emotions out through my own writing. Good songs are always my inspiration and have a huge respect to other song writers for their imagination.

I ideally want to shift into the song writing one day and I want to be one of the good song writer where my lyrics will bring meaning and add more color to the music. That's about me in a nutshell :)


Gangsters Ghetto

Written By: Pandian

I was a gangster in my ghetto
Once I saw this girl in tesco,
Started to feeling for her, I wrote love letters to her with a lot of typo
When we talked her talks walked my path, her thoughts provoked my deeds.

Rumours had that my enemies were after my life
I was raged when i thought I’ll miss her
I am now in room 316 locked up for my past
For avenging those who took away my girl

Starring through the prison windows, when church bell rings I hear your voice,
I see your face when I see full moon through the trees
Riot in my heart when i think about my past
All the dreams that you had, I fear I killed it.

I feel guilty destroying your dreams than seeing blood of my enemy
If I had a time machine, I would reverse my life
So that I could keep you alive, to see your smile
And to keep all your dreams alive, I need a time machine.

Halloween day has changed

Written By: Pandian

Hoodies in the street rioting like rowdies
run run run
Natures schedule has changed, rat in the nights and riots in the day
Young minds that should be clean doesn't seem to be gleaned
Halloween day seems to have changed to me when I see police vans on fire
(run run run..for your life...halloween day has changed..)

Healty and safety seems to have worked when i see police cars smashed with rods
Policeman standing down here watching the party when the military giving life in abroad
Got my head spinning when my eyes watch this and I am running outta sugar
Will I get sugar if I go to corner shop or will I be looted by the gang influenced by the brown sugar

I didn't loose hope when I saw a dog licking another wounded dog
But the scene changed when I see a wounded man getting looted,
I can't find the words for this drama in my oxford dictionary
This aint's a la la la song, but a no no song

Young minds are poisoned, 14 year walking like a gangster
Excuse me hun do you have toy gun or a bazooka honey
If songs can set your tone then to what were you listening buddy
ring ring ring, hello hello hey but wait..101 on fire

run run run..for your life..Halloween day has changed.

Just like that

Written By: Pandian

You shouldn't be giving up, just like that
You know me too well, to give up just like that love love..
a walk in the beach, with all the hopeful talks
On how to live together as a perfect couple don’t do any justice when you gave up just like that

giving the taste of love and taking it away is a poison to my mind,
You did that to me and now my heart is swinging for its life in the wind,
You mentioned you liked my wit with a twist, and my sparkle in my eye
So why did you give up on me, just like that, just like that?

Hours of chat on the phone seems to be like minutes,
Walking with you in London streets for hours seems to be like seconds,
I, how do I express my love other than saying and showing my true color
You said that you liked me for the way I am, the way that I am...

You showed me hope, you came to me when I was in no need
But all of a sudden you took one step back, because I am committed to love
What's wrong with that girl? As I told you I am not a one night stander
I'll live and die by your side like a proper soldier, only if you just didn't give up like that..
Messy mind is what you have miss, to disappear just like, i am sort of glad that you just gave up like that...

You and me

Written By: Pandian

These are the days where we are happy even if it means sharing just once slice of bread,
We walk and talk for hours without realising our hunger; we have no anger or whatsoever
We have that 2 door polo and we drive to all the places, even if it breaks down we never tear down
Love in the back seat was fun and I am like a son of a gun when I am with you hun

Those were the days where money didn't matter; we had joy in sharing and in our gathering
When you are near me girl, I have more energy than a nuclear reactor
That slow and steady walk in your naked foot and rising your feet to kiss me was my coolant
I wish that this should end like a fairy tale ooooooo ya

I know that you care for me like yourself but I get hungry when you starve
When I look into your eyes, I get lost and find it hard to make my way back
Concerts I hear when you walk towards me girl, if I am glued to your lips I am deviated from my pains
I feel like I am in a merry go round, spinning round in my head, in my head for good

Time will pass by and I when I grow old with you, I will still smile when you walk down by any aisle.
Our skins will grow old, but our love will remain young and you will still hear my heart beat when you smile
Presents I will give to you to keep you surprised and better don't be perplexed doll
I am you my love and you are me my soul, I hope we will never fall; I hope we will never fall apart.

Bye bye broker heart

Written By: Pandian

You are the girl with those killer looks in your big black boots like the James bond girl
You tricked me to think that you have the glory of love,tricked me to think that you were my girl
But ohh man it never occurred to me that you were like a spider's web
You trapped me like a little bee, oh my ex, I wasn't aware you were the killer honeypot

There were so many things that I always wanted to do with you
The love i had for you wasn't one night stand, but your love was a rust
Your facebook messages to your secret boyfriend and the ring rings to that old dog
Broke my heart to pieces like glasses, there is no space in my heart for you my ex

I should have listened to that physic lady passing by warning me that people near will fail me
I feel like I wasted a thousand light years, I should I have stayed away from you
How come you played with my heart and still walk around with the diamond ring I got for you
Hearts are not for sale, i am not on a weekend carboot sales, my heart is not for sale girl

I am glad that I didn't lose myself and i still stand tall than any brick wall
I stopped starving for you and when I started looking around it was freaking good
When I stopped missing ya, things started pretty good and I said bye bye to your freaking heart
Bye bye broken heart, best is yet to come and rest will be her story my broken heart