an ecclectic mix of jazz chords, blues lyrics, with tasty soulful vocals and harmonies. the band consists of mostly nucomme, depending on the budget and size of venue the number can grow from 1 to 7


nucomme's music is often evokes disscussions amongst those who want to simply categorize a style so complex that it often brings challenges to even the musicians themselves. with unconventional voicings many guitarists put away long ago, she paints a murel of colorful vocal harmonies influenced by years if singing in various gospel, and traditional accapella chiors. after moving to new york city, nucomme felt she need more than her vocal acrobatics and freestylings to enhance her music so she eventually picked up the guitar, becoming a self taught song writing machine, to better connect with other musicans. the new inspiration led her to hop in line while one day walking through the streets of harlem with her guitar strapped to her back and audition for apollo, where she wrote her first song "Change". the apollo was a great turning point for nucomme where she learned rejection does not equal failure. and went on to play on nyc subway trains to conquer whatever fears had haunted her in previous days of doubt. there she eventually began to meet musicians who would go on to play with her and dedicate their time and energy to help her grow into her own skin and develop a sound she can truly call her own that in unique and original like many of the artists whom influenced her that we all just put them in a catagory of thier own like: miles davis, sarah vaughn, bjork, stevie wonder, prince, rachel farrell, gnarls barkley, robert johnson, kathleen battle, marian anderson, verdi, anita baker, mozart, sade, to name a few.
nucomme has cultivated all of the sounds she loves and holds close to make what she calls banging ass soup, but to put it more clearly, a wonderful mix of unconventional jazz chords, unforgettable blues rhythms, and catchy soulful melodies that will have you rocking yourself to sleep.


Hologram ep (2008)

1. sign your name on the dotted line
2. not what you know
3. swell
4. gonna hurt
5. running out of time

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Set List

i prefer to do a 1/2 hour to 45min set.


*you could hear any combination of 5 tunes

1.sign your name on the dotted line
2. running out of time
3. gonna hurt
4. swell
5. wait a minute
6. not what you know
8. spanish theme song

*i typically do 3 covers per set.

Gnarls Barkley
1. crazy
2. transformer
3. st. elsewhere

1. kiss of life
2. pearls

robert johnson
1. ramblin
2. all my love in vain

flemming and john
1. rain all day

alicia keys
1. i ain't got you

1. hyperballad