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Our name says it all, Nu-Contrast stands for bringing something new and completely original to the conformed world of hip hop today. We pride ourselves on our positive messages and lyrical content, but still come with a bumpin and catchy sound. We're big dreamers and we're DETERMINED TO BE HEARD!!


Both members of this duo come from musical backgrounds and have been surrounded by creativity their whole lives. They both achieved local success as solo m.c.s and after meeting up through a mutual workplace, they decided to combine and work toward their common goal of successful careers in the arena of hip hop. Their goal is to be heard worldwide and prove that dreams can come true with endless determination! Our biggest influence is Outkast, because of their dedication to staying unique no matter what. We feel we can be for the north what they were to the south in the early 90's. Some of our other influences include; 2pac, Nas, Bone Thugz N Harmony, LL Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest, Big Daddy Kane, Dr Dre, Timbaland, and countless others. We hope to follow in those great artists footsteps and one day be considered hip hop pioneers alongside them.


Dreams(Gonna Make It)

Written By: Brett Webster, Michael Reid

Dreams (Gonna Make It)
Written and produced by: Brett Webster and Michael Reid

(Brett): Yeah, this song right here's dedicated to everyone out there with a dream in their mind, just to prove that you could do it. And this song is also dedicated to everyone out there who never believed in us, just gos to show you can never underestimate a dream...
(Mike): Bringin our dreams to life, Nu Contrast....

Verse 1 (Brett):
Seems like I've been under the weater for so long,
man I grab the pen and pad write my displeasure in a song,
when I start to write the lyrics down the music sets me free,
I don't need a shrink 'cuz I just use the beat as therapy,
for 18 years been tryin to hide my tears,
being labelled as a failure was just one of my fears,
growin up in poverty the other kids tried to bother me,
mama had me young and no one was there to father me,
paved my own path ridin lone as a ranger,
got into some trouble was no stranger to danger,
always found a way to survive give it or take it,
this sonhg be a positive vibe we gonna make it,
always keep your eyes on your dreams never let up,
go no matter how hard it seems just tear it up,
reach for the sky no matter how high you gotta get up,
the day you finally make it puto your head up,
jumped so many obstacles in my life to date.
no that one day I'm gonna be something great,
just a skinny kid coming out of a small town,
gonna make it big gonna knock you doubters all down,
grandpa always taught me to just go do it,
me and Mike together you know we gonna prove it,
hey you and I we live and we die,
you always gotta try to spread your wings and fly..

Chorus(2x) :
(Mike): If you want it, you can get it, we gon' make it, make our dreams come to life
(Brett): We gonna make it, dreams gonna make it, we gonna make it

Verse 2 (Mike):
I pull back the hands of time let you situate,
was born into this world in '78,
poverty strucken 'mired things from other families great,
and we're just scrapin by my tears they multiply,
to the lord I'll testify 'til I reach the gate,
I'm gonna make something happen just you sit and wait,
my mind's eye's telling me I need to percervate,
I can do anything if I concentrate,
me and my friends need the ends to somehow meet,
trying to find the things in life to make it complete,
retreat to find myself as I look in the mirror,
drown my pain with alcohol It don't come any clearer,
this here's my destiny and that aint crap,
I'm gonna tell you how it is here's reality rap,
Wayne Macghee gave me the eyes to see the possibility,
to live out my dreams as hard as it seems,
at times I've been through hell and back,
born leader need no heater fist fight when I scrap,
so I'm gonna bring it war cry from the one you can't deny,
If you're striving for your dreams throw your fingers to the sky,
as I use my muster seed to help gimme what I need,
use my faith to succeed this here be Mike Reid,
when I was young in the bathtub I died when I drowned,
revived brought back to life now a killer with the sound..

(Chorus 4x)

Verse 3 (Mike and Brett):
(Mike): Heavenly father,
(Brett): Help my troubled soul,
(Mike): It's been a long road,
(Brett): Help me reach my goal,
(MIke): I feel like I'm losing all control,
(Brett): But with you I can put it on cruise control,
(Mike): I know I'm not perfect so help me be,
(Brett): At least the best that I can be,
(Mike): This is your will it's not our choice,
(Brett): So help us reach others as we use our voice,
(MIke): As a tool to show If you have a dream,
(Brett): It's not as far as it may seem,
(Mike): Though things get hard and time get's tough,
(Both): Believe in yourself 'cuz you're strong enough!

(Chorus 2x)


Undeniable (Album)
Suggested Tracks:
Runnin This, Be The One, Back To Life, Dreams (Gonna Make It)

Set List

Our live performances contain all original material written and produced by us. We pride ourselves on our energy and stage presence, we perform only our hypest tracks to ensure the crowds are having fun! Some of our live achievements to date include opening up for big names such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mos Def, Fabolous, and Papoose.