Nuda Veritas

Nuda Veritas

 Burlington, Vermont, USA

Nuda Veritas has been tinkering with her formulaic looping and vocals since 2006, seeking the elusive junction where meditative repetition meets tension and release. Layers of lush classically-trained vocals juxtaposed with fuzzy distorted guitar are all punctuated by fragmented spoken word tapes.


There's no one doing quite what Nuda Veritas is doing. The music represents the intersection of classical vocal training, an obsessive personality, and a penchant for spending massive amounts of time by herself. The content can be quite heavy as she seeks to work out her gnarly thoughts through song.

From the sketchy streets of Lowell, Massachusetts, Rebecca sought respite in the slower pace of Vermont in 2001. Putting herself through school meant working long hours and long nights in practice rooms. This self-reliance and busy schedule continued into her post-university life and has led to a fierce independence that tends to make her somewhat of a loner. This autonomy lends itself to a hesitation to collaborate, though she is open to the idea in the future. Despite this singularity, her sound is robust and powerful, thanks to the loop pedals.

Meaty Hooks is the third offering from the artist. The album art was shot by photographer M.P. Hogan at a Vermont slaughterhouse. Three music videos will be forthcoming in 2013, all produced by Nuda herself.

Rebecca is working toward living in an RV and touring the country with her unique music and an educational program currently in the works (a multimedia assembly fusing music + science + philosophy).


Meaty Hooks (2013)
LIVE (2012)
Exposure Live at the Tank (2012)
Verses of Versus (2011)
Songs for Doing Dishes (2008)
Still Lives (2008)

Set List

My sound is super simple. There are directs outta the back of my amp. I control all my levels within my rig. A typical set list is usually a mix of loops and songs.