Nue Life Productions

Nue Life Productions

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Hot producer, can produce Hip Hop, house, reggae, pop, and R&B. Have my own style, but can also create and mix and duplicate styles that are out, or been out in the past.


My beats are all original, and made for you to feel, no matter what vibe it's on, I guarantee you will nodd your head. What sets me apart is that I'm versatile I can produce and mix andything. I can produce Hip-Hop, Pop, RaB, House, and Reggae in any style.


from the early 90's to now I just been working and producing for local cats and pretty much doing my own thing. I have a list of singles that I done for local groups, now I'm trying to get into the game full time and produce on a major scale for major and indie label and artist.

Set List

This year I am promoting my production catalog and web site You can check out my beats on the site, I also have a page on sound click You can request certain styles of production by request.