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Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States | SELF

Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States | SELF
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"CD Review: nuERA – “Nu Life, Nu Blood”"

Not since bands like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE have we had a force as politically brutal as my fellow Floridians NuEra. From the opening intro that comprises all of Track 1, you can tell the band is in the mood to take as many prisoners and as little shit as humanly possible! As the mood switches from poignant to beatdown in the blink of the eye; Track 2, “Head Of State” begins with a very LIVING COLOUR-styled opening of our current “Head Of State” making a promise he cannot keep before slamming into one of the heaviest grooves you’ll hear this side of very early SALIVA dosed with a dallop of MEGADETH!!! I know it sounds weird, but after all, it is a “new era”, and the band, in keeping with their name, tosses in everything including the proverbial kitchen sink! Trapping heavy riffing between pummeling drum licks that would give SLAYER a headache, the band switches gears at least 9 times that I can count in every tune with rapped and sung verses broken up with beautifully harmonic cleanly sung vocals and then severely shredding screams. While “Because Of You” eases up enough to easily be a radio staple alongside bands like STONE SOUR and BREAKING BENJAMIN, it’s the deeper cuts that make the band shine. The rap heavy “Suffocate (NO2)” and the heavier screamer “End Transmission” along with my personal fave, the glorious aforementioned “Head Of State” will have listeners using their heads as well as their tainted ears! Possibly, one of the best multi-genre bands of this ilk that I have EVER heard. Easily filling the gap I feel from what’s corroding my mind on terrestrial radio and commercial outlets, NuEra is music for fans who don’t find “Intelligence” a dirty word.

Head over to their Facebook Page and “Like” these guys right now to hear more music and get details on how to purchase this deviously delightful slab of Metalcore; Very, Very Highly Recommended!!! - Away Team Music News, Reviews, And Artist Interviews!

"Taking it back to the Nu-school with NuEra Continue reading on Taking it back to the Nu-school with NuEra - Orlando rock music |"

Nu metal is a subgenre of rock music which combines hard rock and heavy metal with hip hop elements (such as electronics and turntables). The genre became increasingly popular during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s with bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park. Fans latched on to the style because of its raw sound and in-your-face attitude. While many of these bands brought heavy metal to a brand new audience (particularly with the beginning of OzzFest in 1996), the style started to lose popularity as the 2000’s carried on. While most old school metal fans never fully embraced the nu metal movement, the fans of nu metal are fiercely loyal, and there are still artists out there who embrace the sound.

So a question comes up here in Orlando: What would happen if a band decided to return to that sound that was so popular a mere decade ago? An even better question: what if that band featured some of the best musicians from some of the most promising acts in Central Florida? Those two questions can be answered with one band: NuEra.

Formed from the ashes of recognizable acts like FourtyFour Down and Unsaid (WJRR’s first winner of Central Florida’s Best Band), NuEra brings back the heavy rock sound with the hip hop influences that made the genre part of every rocker’s vocabulary. Their Myspace page explains that this is a band out for “hostile takeover” and they clearly mean it. NuEra came out swinging with gigs at Lyrica, Liquid Scrips, and, most recently, the House of Blues. The band opened up this past weekend at the House of Blues with a brutal thirty-five-minute set that showed that this is a band that will not be ignored, following each intense with another, keeping the audience moving until the band’s set ended. To add ammunition to their already vicious sound, the band teamed up with producer Adam Barber, who has produced top name acts such as Creed, Alterbridge, and nu metal heavy hitters Limp Bizkit and Sevendust. Their debut EP “Dialysis” will come out this summer.

To experience NuEra’s sound, new tracks are available to listen to at To experience the band firsthand, they can be seen at Lyrica in downtown Orlando on April 17 with GorillaFight, Prologic13, Heroes will Fall, and Spoone.

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- Orlando Rock Music Examiner


Dialysis full length album sept 09 2012 release




Jeremy Hyson - Vocals

John "ROBOT" - Mc/ Electronics

Jay Mueller - Guitars

Sean Stahl - Guitars

Ryan Shelton - Bass

Don Cadman - Drums

nuERA is an Orlando based hard rock band which draws its influence from many genres including metal, hip-hop, hardcore , and nu-metal styles. They are currently finishing their first full length album titled "Dialysis" which has already seen airplay on radio stations in their respective markets.

They have been featured on the world renknown ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK UPROAR TOUR, WJRR's EARTHDAY BIRTHDAY , and have won several battle of the bands shows including the Ernie Ball Best Buy Music BOTB. They have opened for several national acts including Avenged 7fold , Seether,3 Days Grace, Bullet for my Valentine, Art of Dying, Sevendust , All that Remains, Coheed and Cambria, Eye Empire, FLAW, Nonpoint , Taproot , Egypt central , Abused Romance, and Bobaflex.