Nuevo Tango Ensamble

Nuevo Tango Ensamble


The Trio approximates Piazzolla’s compositions with deep admiration with the aim to interpret the complex musical expressions and the characteristical sounds from Buenos Aires. This convergence became quickly a deep passion of Nuevo Tango Ensamble.


The Nuevo Tango Ensamble was founded in 1999 by Pasquale Stafano and Gianni Iorio in order to celebrate Astor Piazzolla`s music, but also to rearrange it. With this project „A night for Astor“ the Nuevo Tango Ensamble established itself over the years at theaters, Jazz Clubs and festivals throughout Europe. They have even just did a festival tour through the Arab Emirates in summer 2008.

The Trio Nuevo Tango Ensamble already worked with international well-known Jazz musicians like the saxophonist Javier Girotto and the clarinettist Gabriele Mirabassi.

In 2001 their first CD „Astor`s Mood“ was released, the second album „A night in Vienna for Astor Piazzolla“, recorded at Porgy & Bess in Vienna, followed in 2005.

Now the latest album of Nuevo Tango Ensamble is in the starting blocks. For “Tango Mediterraneo“ they worked with Gabriele Mirabassi who has an excellent reputation as clarinettist by now. The album will include primary self-made compositions of Pasquale Stafano and Gianni Iorio besides two Astor Piazolla interpretations. “Tango Mediterraneo“ was released on the Freiburg based label Jazzhaus Records in September 2008.


Nuevo Tango Ensamble - „Astor`s Mood“
(2001, Realsound)

Nuevo Tango Ensamble - „A night in Vienna for Astor Piazzolla“
(2005, Philology)

Nuevo Tango Ensamble featuring Gabriele Mirabassi - „Tango Mediterraneo”
(2008, Jazzhaus Records)

Set List

1. Il Sole della Puglia 05:25
2. Milonguita 04:20
3. Il canto del mare 06:03
4. El Gran Viaje 08:03
5. Terre Lontane 08:23
6. Alma de Tango 12:04
7. Sagra d`Estate 05:56
8. Escualo 03:13
9. Tanguedia 07:44