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"James Brown West, Inc"

On behalf of the "Godfather of Soul"
James Brown and his enterprises, it was great seeing you at the "Sweet Sixteen Reunion". We were quite pleased that many of you spent so much time with us!
Special thanks to the Nu Family Band, for keeping Soul Music Alive! - Vonny Hilton Sweeny

"Urb Ultra Magazine"

I've seen the future of the Funk/Soul/Rock music, and I think it was wearing a skirt! Actually, it had on skirts, pumps,jeans,make-up...well, it was eight honies and could they grove. The group is The Nu Family Band, the result of years of heavy sweatin' by sisters Guitar Sallye and bass-slapping Tamah. The two have worked with a long, burning list of funksters including Parliament(George Clinton) & Sly Stone, Prince& James Brown and have produced several groups in Europe! After years of studio work and touring around the World, the Girls have 4 albums under their hat. One of albums has two country western songs on it. The sibs put together this churning machine of Funk science, a group of girls that make it hard to know what to listen to and where to look. The line up includes Patrick (drums), Guitar Sallye(guitar, vocals), Tamah(Bass, vocals), Pam(vocals), Davena(vocals, Rap), Cameron(keyboards), Lit Makari(guitar), with milky white horn player Elizabet(trombone,vocals)
These girls grab the audience by the neck and pull them into the show, a spectacle full of dance & thrusting and steam. It takes all of that work to keep up with the four ruthless funkettes on the instruments. Their music is true to its influences, hitting just the right off beats and taking all the strange twists and turns into bridges & breaks that make funk burn so hard! The Girls are a Hard act to follow! - Derek Wilson

"Hollywood Weekly"

On June 4, thru June 30, 2007, Nu Family Band toured Southwest Asia,
(Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Africa, Afganistan, performing for the troops! Performing in 140% temperatures, and enduring sand storms, the girls said "they will always remember and cherish this expereince! - Jackson Publishing


Family Reunion
Needa Man
Ooh Babe
Come Together
Family Strong
Mother's Love
Watchin U



Originally from the streets of Chicago, sisters,Guitar Sallye & Tamah, and the Nu Family Band, have been performing and touring Europe for the last 10 years! They have worked with and opened up for a variety of artist from PFunk, Prince(Levi Seacer), Outcast, MC Hammer, Tina Turner,etc. James Brown once crowned them "The last of the great Soul Bands!"
While growing up in Chicago, Guitar Sallye & Tamah, helped to create the "Robert Taylor Youth Foundation" which opened up a School of Music, that took the kids in the projects off the streets from gangbangin, and taught them how to play musical instruments. That is also when the girls picked up the guitar & bass and began to create their sound Soul da Pop Music!
Musical friends, Hub(bass payer with the Roots), and Cody Chesnutt,(from Dave Chapell's Blockparty), have always reminded the girls to "STAY TRUE TO WHO YOU ARE! DONT EVER LET ANYBODY SQUEEZE YOU INTO A BOX!
While being heavily influenced by great legends, such as Sly & Family Stone, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, the girls are staying strong on being a part of the Nu Revolution to keep the tradition of family soul alive! They truly believe the message of their music is spreading globally in a successful way!

After returning home from a Armed Forces Tour of Southwest Asia, (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Africa, Afganistan,) performing for the troops, abroad, the Nu Family Band was contacted, by the Producers of American Idol, and flown to Las Vegas, to perform on their new TV show "AMERICAN BAND". The show will be aired on October 19! stay tuned!

Guitar Sallye & Tamah