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"When Rock-Steady meant just that"

Every so often, an independent band has released an album so good that it leaves the listener screaming for more. With that in mind, it’s no wonder Seattle-based rock-reggae act Nuffsed is a polished gem. And while its live show may be a debaucherous party affair, its full-length release is a diamond-in-the-rough record that stands the test of time.

On Goodnuff (self-released), the raggamuffin rasta group Nuffsed thrives on calculated dubs and hip-hop-tinged reggae. Fusing hip-hop, bits of punk and heavy doses of Hailie Sellasie name-dropping, Nuffsed is the heir apparent to another throne.

When Sublime lead singer Brad Nowell died of a drug overdose nine years ago this May, the world was stripped of a great musician, songwriter and visionary. He seamlessly concocted a blend of reggae, punk, rock, blues and hip-hop into some of the best music ever. One major-label release and an untimely death just days before the band embarked on a major tour, Sublime was one for the history books. Nuffsed, which combines the same political messages and mind-numbingly fun songs on one record as Sublime did, is filling the void.

On its first full length recording the seven-piece (with origins in Hawaii, Seattle and all places in-between) produces fathomable replacements to Sublime songs. But the band isn’t just a shallow, diet-version of Sublime. They have a much more reggae sound and even some admirable dub loops.

It’s the vocals, with three MC’s – including Stoweite Eric Maher – and the outwardly political messages that separate them from the obvious comparisons. They’re not just chugging along trying to get weed legalized, they are proposing an impeachment of President Bush (“Impeachment”) in which they suggest taking “out the trash.” The context, however, that the solution after Bush is Sellasie.

The band has become a living legend on the West Coast and is primed to play at many civil liberty events during the dawn of an election year.
Most of all, however, Nuffsed is a talented posse of Rastafarian rockers who stop at nothing but their love for Jah. And when it all boils down, the music is so tight and the message is so right that nothing else matters. They can be found at
- Mike Schaefer / Stowe Reporter, Stowe Vermont.

"Nuffsed demo. by: Mark E. Waterbury"

Seattle and reggae are two words that don't seem comfortable together, that is until Nuffsed created their rootsy Caribbean sound in the Jet City. Harkening to Cliff, Tosh and Burning Spear, this seven piece outfit still brings a fresh perspective to the table with intricate guitar work and hip hop subtleties. "Birds" is perhaps the strongest song, with a stellar vocal display and bluesy vibe. If this demo is an indicator of what is to come, Nuffsed could be the hottest new reggae act in years. - Music Morsels

""Ignite The Fuse" review 2006"

"Uplifting, motivating, inspirational! Sublime."

I hear a mixture of Steel Pulse, Sublime, Rocker-T, Santana and Inka Inka, but pumped up! Super mix of vocals. The three singers really play well off each other, and it never gets stale.

The harmonies and guitar are off the cheesy and I especially like the fast Dj style chanting. "Holdin Back" has to be the hit song off this CD. I love the horns at the beginning and the tune is just catchy. The song "Rain" definitely has some Steel Pulse influence. Pure niceness. Nuffsed is the future of Reggae now. I always thought Hip-hop would take Reggae mainstream, and it has to a point, but this fusion of Reggae, Hip-hop and punk rock is the next step. I especially like the dub versions at the end. Big up Stand up!

When listening to the CD you can easily imagine how sick there live show is. Ignite the fuse, fire it up, get this CD! -

"Ignite the Fuse"

You know, after awhile you just start to think of Reggae as one dimensional. It’s always pretty much been the same. The seven piece Nuffsed offer something distinctly reggae yet plow a path forward into something new entirely. Nuffsed seem to be concerned both with keeping their roots intact AND creating a future for themselves. Reggae fans everywhere should be overjoyed!

The band starts it off safe and sound with the traditional sound of “Perilous Times” proving that they have a lot to offer before they get into the real meat of Ignite the Fuse. “Not a Joke “continuous on with the tradition and then blows out some serious rage that you really don’t see coming. That’s all it took to hook me and is probably what earned the band the label “ruthless reggae.” Nuffsed do some serious experimenting with Reggae and it’s amazing. The “That’s Why Dub” is another highlight in my opinion.

If you like Reggae but feel like it needs to be freshened up a bit then Nuffsed is for you. If you are simply looking for something that sounds new and fresh than here it is!

Reviewed by: Mark Fisher

"Hangin' in the W.C. with roots rock reggae kings, nuffsed"

"This band has the drive, talent and vision to make it big. It is their dream, and more importantly and encouragingly, an attainable goal...This band is not just a group of reggae party boys. This my friend is talent." - Valeria Valiente, (3.2.04)


"And when it all boils down, the music is so tight, and the message is so right, that nothing else matters." - Mike Schaefer, Aftertaste mag, The stowe Reporter (3.11.04)


"The EP" - 2007 release. Coming Soon featuring new "Lifeline" remix ft. TURBULENCE, and unreleased live tracks

"Lifeline Remix" ft TURBULENCE, Vinyl

"Ignite the Fuse" - 2006 Full length LP, release on Best Coast Records. Streams and album available at, or on

"Goodnuff" - 2004 full length LP, independently released. some streams can be found at



ONCE IN A DECADE, a musical act will rise and grow out of the reggae scene and be catapulted into the mainstream. It often takes the combination of a wider cultural accessibility as well as a cross-pollination of the music itself. Over the past few Decades groups like Bad Brains and The Clash infused Jamaican music with hard rock and gave many fans their first introduction to reggae. In the 1990’s Sublime gave west coast youth an alternative to punk and ska, and artists from Wyclef Jean to Sean Paul have had the hip-hop world grooving to reggae for years.
NUFFSED, a seven-piece rock/reggae/dancehall band from Seattle, WA have picked up this torch. They have been supported by an impressive underground following, many of whom are not necessarily reggae-heads or rastas, but college kids, punks, skaters, etc. This is not to say that they are not a valid reggae/dancehall group. Their legitimacy and legacy was secured by the reggae community when, in the summer of 2005, they accepted an invitation to play the main stage at the now legendary "Reggae on the River", alongside the Marley Brothers, Buju Banton, and so many more. That show was the climax of their summer tour supporting world-renowned roots reggae artist Prezident Brown. As he said with an elder's wisdom, “[Nuffsed] has got that youthful energy that the people want to hear.” They also hold a powerful revolutionary political stance. Like Peter Tosh or Rage Against the Machine, Nuffsed could provide the soundtrack for the political dissention of the youth of today
THEIR SECOND ALBUM, titled “Ignite the Fuse,” represents a huge progression in the quality of their music. Finally fulfilling the expectations set by their furious live show, this album displays a command of multiple styles of reggae music, while being entirely unique. They smash speakers with heavy dancehall beats and dizzying lyrical delivery in songs like “Burn Dem.” “Lifeline” and “Not a Joke” start with the classic reggae one-drop sound yet the end result sounds progressive and undated. With the soulful and insightful track “Holdin Back,” they showcase a firm grasp of hip-hop and R & B. Their versatility is taken even farther with the rock heavy song “Attack the Enemy” which ends in a cacophony of bellows and punk guitar.
NUFFSED’s new single “Lifeline” features TURBULENCE, a main figure in Sizzla’s Xterminator Crew. It was recorded at the legendary TUFF GONG Studios in Jamaica. TURBULENCE is one of Jamaica’s leading dancehall artist who delivers his message in a unique style which encompasses both dancehall, rap and singing. He has worked a long side greats like Sly & Robbie, Luciano, and Sizzla.

NUFFSED uses their infectious music as a podium to deliver their no holds barred assault on the “Babylon” state of culture and politics, as observed in “Lifeline”:
“In this lifeline, there’s people I say that you don't want to deal with, the leaders and the liars and the thieves and all the killers; but me na gonna deal with them a single bit of one of them no longer, a guillotine for their necks is what I am asking for...”

THE QUALITY of “Ignite the Fuse,” is extraordinary by industry standards for an independent band. It was recorded at Electrokitty Studios in Seattle, one of the best on the west coast, and produced and Mixed by Stand Out Selector, who has worked with everyone from Mix Master Mike to Barrington Levy.
HAVING RECENTLY SIGNED a record deal with Best Coast Records (Seattle, WA), and armed with a stellar album and performance resume, Nuffsed is poised to launch rock-reggae back into the mainstream once again. Just this month they went to Jamaica and recorded a track with rising superstar, Turbulence at Tuff Gong Studios. As they say in “Holdin Back,” “cuz me and me boys Nuffsed, we gonna rise to the top and we not gonna stop.”

PHONE: (206) 920-6293
MAIL: 2511 N. 39th St.
Seattle, WA 98103