we jus knock out the beats in a free flowing kinda way thats so natural that when you feel the rhythm pounding through your heart you gota stop ..listen.. and say damn thats funky!


well we been together bout 5 years,started playing in school and jus never gave up!love funky rhythm stuff.

The best thing about playin is that we know each other so well and our style has developed as a band rather than as individuals and i think people really notice that at our gigs.

we love to jus jam. jus make a melody and play with it until it sounds the way it should be.

playing around with riffs and melodys at gigs is something we do a lot.

chilis are a huge infleuance and republic of loose have been affecting are music lately in a rugged kinda way! Bob Dylan and the funky meters the list could go on...!

check out our bebo page to read comments left by fans..


we have some songs up on bebo, check out the outro to johnny's magic parachute!

some things people bein sending us....

u guys r sik!i havent herd funk like that 4 ages, n ur's gr8 feel n rhythmn, ur music, n i hope u guys get credit 4 ur talent

all your songs are quality! Love it!

catchy addictive ryhthms.

Cool! i love Johnny's Magic Parchute and In The Living Room!!! Omg ur guys Rock! ^_^

you guys rock the flock, thats some funky shit, theres some real soul flowing through you, and thats what musics all about, hope you do well

damn ur the only good band on bebo, well kool

you guys are amazing! truely truely amazing,

You guys kick ass!

hahah dats fuckin deadly, long live the funk mah fello funkateers

Fucken fantastic little dudes. Definitely my favoutitee sound I've heard on bebo yet.

Finally a band with originality!! Love the sound, do some gigs in newbridge!!

just thought i'd stop by to let you know that people are loving you in america. im over here for the summer and i told a few people about you...they want to know if you'll ever be doing a gig over here. i also want to give ye a pat on the back for being one of the few good bands to come of you ireland lately. well done, keep it up

Set List

we have played up to almost 3 hours at gigs
we can fill an hour with origionals but we usually stick in some covers.

we cover-chilis,thin lizzy,gorrilaz,bob dylan,republic of loose and other stuff i can't remember.

sets are usually over an hour

we usually do a lot of jamming,play around with outros of songs or make up jams,mix songs together,extend solos..watever gets us and the crowd goin!