Nugget consists of Craig Berkeley on lead vocals, guitar, harmonica and bongos, Conor Nolan on lead guitar and vocals, Stewy O’Neill on drums and Rory Bateman on bass, and they all hail from Naas in Co.Kildare. Nugget was formed 5 years ago,and what appealed to me most from a management point of view is their eagerness and willing to put the work in, and also their professionalism and dedication. I really believe Nugget has what it takes to really shake up Irelands music scene and I know, when given a chance they will not disappoint.The genre of music the band would fall into would be funk, rock. The bands main influence would be The Red Hot Chilli Peppers,other major influences on the band are Republic Of Loose,Thin Lizzy and Bob Marley amongst others.The Nugget sound is funky,catchy,infectious and most definitley different to anything you have heard. Nugget are a band to watch out for,their music is best described on their Bebo site – – as “quick jumpy bumpy put your legs in the air and lets get funky type sounds that will excite you until you just cant stop your foot from tapping and hands from slapping!”


Go Feel It

Written By: Nugget

verse 1
I got short feelings for the way it was done, I'm feeling shorter for the feeling cause of the way that I'm strung,
shouting relax ain't no need to shout about it,trying to tell my story how I live my life without it,
I know the face can't remember the name always talking bout who's left in the game of, false feelings love and double meanings,never get the balls to ask you for a reason,
when they're all shouting fight it you'll be sitting quiet, the hunger of success will have you living on a diet,sweet talking man in fashion trying live your dream getting pushed by the passion

this is the moves of a cool operator this is the plan of a crude negotiator, learning from the way he is dealing you got the love the reason the pleasing but babaaaby..have you got the feeling!

go feel it tell me that you feel it hands behind your head and lay back until you feel it,
go feel it tell me that you feel it and bend your back back back back relax!

verse 2....

In the livin room

Written By: Nugget

hotdog theres a bong in the living room,
won't be long for the bong in the living room,
looks like a bomb hit the living room, come on in we'll get it on in the living room

verse bits

i feel good cause I'm sitting with a female ,
I feel bad cause I'm going just a little pale,
hold on and I'll take another inhale,
laying down my coffin cause I'm putting in another nail,
the bass sound will move through the underground,
she tastes better cause I'm hitting on the rebound,
you all know cause it's news in a small town I'm not calling you a clown but come and try and knock me down

and whats with all these eyes you been giving me, those sexy eyes you been giving me,
I'ts no surprise when your kissing me,knocking down my door because your missing me.


'Go Feel It' (EP) consisting of tracks 'Go Feel It', 'In The Living Room', 'Evergo' and 'Mr Boots' (to be released mid July 07)

Set List

'Go Feel It', 'In The Living Room', 'Evergo', 'Mr Boots', 'Johnnys Magic Parachute', 'Dip It In', 'Jus Jam' and 'Fruity Tooties' (all originals)...Nugget also like to throw in a few covers into the mix,these include tracks like 'Play That Funky Music' and 'Johnny Be Good'...Funky till the end