Pronounced "New-gin-duck", this Canadian indie pop trio has been described as an acoustic "Sloan", or even as the "Violent Femmes" meets "the Beatles


A band that sounds closer to UK than USA with heartfelt lyrics and unsurpassed song-writing craftsmanship not seen or heard of in years.

The chemistry between the three members forms a definitive sound like no other. A wide range of influences surrounds their exquisite song-writing skills. "Pet Sounds" era Beach Boys harmonies and “McCartnyesque melodies” dilute Celtic influences and Brit-pop beats. This is not a band simply writing major and minor key pop. It's much more. It's clever, inventive, and radio friendly. On stage the trio is a powerful entity to be reckoned with, and has developed a loyal following of fans in their hometown of Ottawa, as well as Montreal and Toronto.


CD Single "Goodtime" 2001
CD Single "2001" 2002
EP self-titled 2003 release
"NYE Live at the Loon"
"Live at the Duke"
We have tracks with both streaming and radio play at

Set List

Nuginduck has a catalogue of over 45 originals and 35 covers.
our songs average 4 minutes in length
we typically play 1.5 hours sets
multiple sets (3)