Nuh Uh

Nuh Uh

 New York City, New York, USA

Nuh Uh is a rock band that specializes in long songs that whir by in an instant. Influenced equally by indie and prog, they rise above both genres to create something new. And also, they are tall. Except the drummer. So they're, like, 66.7% tall.


Nuh Uh is a band from New York City. Conrad Doucette and Damion Jurrens started Nuh Uh in October of 2005 because they were bored. Conrad (drums) had played with local indie strummers Siwat for a while, and Damion (guitar/vocals) had just finished a 3-year run with the Vowels. In other words, they should have known better than to start another band. For some unexplained reason, they thought it might be a good idea to mix progressive rock with indie rock. So they dusted off their Rush records, and put them into a big crock pot with a few old Dinosaur Jr. albums and whatever Pitchfork thought was cool at the moment. It was a mess, and the crock pot was destroyed. They wrote four songs that were at least 8 minutes apiece and decided that was enough. Damion's brother Grady moved to New York in 2007 and joined Nuh Uh. The addition of Grady's bass skills allowed them to completely revise their sound and create a new batch of songs that became Model of Restraint, their second album (produced by John Crossingham of Broken Social Scene and Raising the Fawn). Additionally, Conrad and Grady play shorter songs in Takka Takka, but that's another story.


Self-titled -- released 2006
Model of Restraint -- released 2008

Set List

Typical set list:

Everybody Loves It
Burning up in the Atmosphere
Center of the Universe
Night School
Nobody Asks

Total set time: 40 minutes