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The best kept secret in music


"Nu Image / The Album"

The last few years have been dismal for dance music as a whole. There have been a few points of light amidst the darkness. Cher’s triumphant return with her “Believe” album, Madonna gave us Ray Of Light and Die Another Day, Justin Timberlake and Timberland churned out some inarguably catchy tunes and the unstoppable Missy Elliot smashed through the barrier keeping Hip Hop out of the clubs for decades with hits like “Get Your Freak On” and “This Is For My People.”

And while all this was happening what did the nearly lifeless husk of Freestyle have to offer?

Nothing much.

Since its “Hey Day” in the mid ‘80’s, the genre formerly known as Latin Hip Hop has fought for survival through the efforts of legends like Safire, Cynthia, Coro, and TKA. Most of those who stood the test of time seemed to have opted for moving onto other genre’s after Freestyle Boot camp, like George LaMond, La India, Marc Anthony, and Brenda K. Starr to name a few.

The “New School” of Freestyle, as it has come to be known on a handful of internet sites struggling to keep the genre alive, has proven unable to re-ignite the spark that once burned in the heart of the Latin Dance Pop beast.

Until now.

After much heartache, a few false starts and a series of broken promises from labels that proved incapable of recognizing a good thing when it was right in front of them, a trio of power vocalists from Paterson, New Jersey have shattered the bonds that once held them back amidst the ranks of the vocally inept and the musically challenged. Like an adrenaline shot to the heart of an overdose victim, Nu Image has roared forth from the shadows and into the blinding light of the mainstream.

2004 will hold one truth for these three young men; this is the year of Nu Image.

With their enigmatically titled full length debut “The Album”, Nu Image explodes through your speakers with a raw passion not heard in dance music, namely Freestyle, since the days of Loose Touch, The Latin Rascals, and the original TKA. Members Tony G. Tyree, and Vic carry you along through each song effortlessly and note perfect. The Silent Fourth Member, Pompeo Messano masterfully produces 17 tracks that stand apart from one another and hold your attention as easily as a beautiful woman holds the gaze of a young man.

From their haunting, high energy instrumental “Intro” on through their brilliant remake of “Tears In My Eyes” to the end of the second disc where the group offers up a gift of five outstanding remixes of their signature song; “Ill Always Love You” from a group of unbelievably talented dj’s and remixers spanning the globe from New York to Italy.

With exquisite packaging and expert presentation, “The Album” burns hot with floor shakers like “If It’s Love” “Freak DL”, “Memories”, and the Ricardo Piparo remix of “Ill Always Love You” yet ends of a beautiful note made directly for the fans, simply titled “Thank You”, which is easily one of the strongest tracks on the double CD set.

One visit to their home site at will show you all you need to know. A sleeping giant has awoken; a giant with three hearts and three voices.

“The Album” is available now at HMV in New York, at several stores in New Jersey as well as online at Nu Image world.

Change is in the air.

This year will bring you a Nu Feel, a Nu Sound…a Nu Image.

- P. Hernandez

"Nu Image Album"

It's an incredible piece of work. There are tracks on this album hands down that are crossover for sure. ALL I CAN SAY IS LOOKOUT FOR TRACK 10.............GOSH DAYUUUM! That's how you do keeeid!!! SURPRISE EVERYONE; THERE'S MORE THAN URBAN LATIN POP HERE!

The intro is sort of a sampler that contains brilliant instrumentation and synthethis; it's a rollercoaster ride; the rollercoaster stops at 3:26 and there's a really nice Piano piece playing (brilliant!) then bam right back into the rollercoaster ride, and I couldn't help but think;wow the game really has changed. I have to compare it to Carlos Berrios injecting much needed juice to this genre of music and raised the bar once again. Thank you pompeo; I rocked this album at Club Bliss the other night (Room 2 VIP) and I was begged to surrender your contact info........... (wonder why?:-)

Deejays; this is easy to work into your set with classic freestyle; you will have to work a little harder with the eq's as well as the volume in your set with so many of the tracks that aren't classic freestyle, that is how big the difference is in quality! Speaking of Quality;

The quality is impressive. All Fans of this genre of music be warned; alot of your other cd's are going to sound um.........errr.................OLD! And you may just have gotten them not too long ago. Vocals, instrumentation; melody, track order, packaging all of it is there. Everyone is getting their moneys worth.

Urban Latin Pop/Latin Urban Pop whatever you want to call it; the standard has been set; the bar is now raised. I hope everyone else follows suit.

- Dave The Edit Mendez


Tears In My Eyes/ Single 1992/ Funkee Records
Sounds Of Love/ Single/ 1995/ Funkee Records
You Girl/ 1999 Freestyle Finale/ Stylin Free Records
Tell Me Why/1999 Freestyle Finale/ Stylin Free Records
I'll Always Love You/ Single/2003/Aria Records
Nu Image /The Album/2004/ Aria Records


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