Upbeat and energetic music with thoughtful lyrics, catchy arrangements, and excellent vocals.


Nuit formed in May 2003, when frontman and songwriter, Brad Benoit, decided to record his songs with college friend, John Toomey, at the home of John's high school friend, Steve Stokes.
Brad, coming from a influence of Ani Difranco, Billy Joel, classical training, and fan of classic rock had a style a music new to John and Steve, who's major influences were hard rock, 80's rock, afro-cuban, and classical. The three hit it off well and developed into an acoustic folk pop that won't allow the sparing of any talent or progress.
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Debut album, "Only On the Weekends" recorded in May of 2003
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Set List

The band generally plays hour sets of its own original music with few covers. Covers have recently been by Buffalo Springfield, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby. The band is also often writing new songs. The Band is playing monthly, sometimes twice a month.