Smooth cultural Roots music, that connects to your soul, energetic & powerful with a natural vibes...


Chief Nukachez

The I'Elements of Fire


Imminent Records

The world must prepare itself for the next musical phenomenon of this era,

Terrence Allen (AKA Chief Nukachez). Born in Kingston Jamaica he was introduced to

Music at an early age, with the influence of his mother, Emperor of Ethiopia King

Selassie I along with certain musicians. His lyrics are original, fresh and heartening with

A perfect blend of reggae, cultural and spiritual melodies. He has also manage to

Accomplish a hit song titled Ashes featuring Capleton (AKA Clifton Bailey). Whether

You meet him in person or on the stage you will be mesmerized by his captivating energy

That connects to your soul...


I Love

Written By: Terrence Allen


INTRO: Yea,yea,oh girl, woman of creation, mother earth, mother of the nation
Nukachez love is divine
Don't take i love for granted afi move on an proceed an appreci love it girl
don't take i love for granted afi move on an proceed an appreci love it yea
Yow from so far out a di lawn we deh chill
yow she waan di Bobo youth weh yad pon di hill
yow she have di soil an a it mi afi till
she no waan Babylon abortion pill
yow mi have di drill fi di future yu a build
rain it a fall till di drum dem fill
request nukachez di ilament real skill
yu fi obey Rastafari will, still
Di love dat i gave you to share my joy
so du nuh tek dah love yah fi granted at all
yu waan now mi big yu neva waan mi when mi small
mek mi know if yu love it a stall, well
don't treat i wrong true yu accompanion
what happen when yu told i that i am the one
i know yu allways gona be my woman
and now yu going in a next direction, mi song
Wu woo woo,
yea, yea, yea
wu woo woo
yea, yea, yea
cah mi seh girl the love that i have for you
i want you to know it is true
even when the skies are blue
she said Nukachez i really need you, mi tell are sey
Good loving is hard to find
so when yu fine hold on and wine
Emperor Selassie I mek we know a di right time
Queen just don't be blind
Queen you are so special
one of a kind
Rastafari love is refine love is divine, so watch yah den


Written By: Terrence Allen


Written by: Terrence Allen A. K. A Chief Nukachez
Produce by: Fire zone music
You feel it, make me seal it, a Nukachez the ilement with a brand new thing
Stick with it, anything unu do, a that mi sey, oh yea yea Nukachez a me no play no day
Oxygen give them the oxygen, yow Nukachez with a brand new thing yow
Oxygen give them the oxygen, if them short a breath give them the oxygen then
Oxygen give them the oxygen, revive them again give them the oxygen yow
Oxygen give them the oxygen, survive them again give them the oxygen
1st Verse
Air make you lungs them function, Oxygen it a free up the junction
Bun out doubt and mi bun out assumption, this yah dance it a bun out corruption
And mi tell them me no in a them suction, volcano is a massive eruption
Nuh the evil have them wid them seduction, give us raise we nuh want no deduction yow then
2nd Verse
You can’t see it but you need it to stay alive, so move to the rhythm just like yard vibez
You need oxygen in a your everyday life, it make you stay focus it make you move right
Yow it make you shine it make you look so bright, yow in a the daytime like the sunlight
No we nah go quarrel no we nah go fight, imminent we a guan hold the heights voice

3rd Verse
Yow the people are dancing in the street, so free up yourself and move to the beat
Girls them moving and look so complete, watch superstar how she moving elite
Move up your shoulder and kick out your feet, all-star dancers a learn how to do it
Moving so steady and you moving so neat, dance a keep and all of the people them a greet seet
4th Verse
You feel it Oxygen a move pass you skin, so watch how you move watch how you dealing
Move with oxygen well a good feeling, yow Nukachez come with the healing
Place a burn down from floor to ceiling; people a dance for a good reason
No matter what the time no matter the season, blaze up the fire and guan hail the king yow
Jah, will turn your mourning into dancing yeah, Jah will turn your sorrows into joy
So let the music play and take away your pain, Jah will always be there and show you the way.


December 2008 - Five Star Rating from on self-produced single (Oxygen)
September 2008, Three Star Rating from in self produced album Ashes
July 2006, 7 inch UK Release Ashes
November 2006 Live TV performance Featured (Most Blessed)

Set List

Most blessed
Queen Omega
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I can't let you
Jah Will
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I Love