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Hot Track, September 7, 2008
By A. Gift For You "rhythm junkie" (Central Florida) - See all my reviews
Fast paced full jam. Nukachez pumps the oxygen and you can't help but "dance for good reason". The sound is full, orchestrated well, and HOT! I look forward to more powerful tunes from this Uprising artist.

By Achis (Kingston, JA/Philipsburg, SxM) - See all my reviews
More than a decade ago now when Anthony B stepped on the scene with a tune by the name of Fire Pon Rome and `reintroduced' the concept of using the fire as a cleansing instrument I don't think he could have imagined just how popular the brand of ideology might become. Artist after artist after artist, of ALL varieties (some, not even reggae) have since adopted the fire to a degree which can, at the very least, be called overwhelming (and, to a degree, almost fashionable). There have been artists such as rootical nightmare I Wayne and Chuck Fender who have seemingly eschewed the more 'standard' application of the fire to their vibes for a far more unique approach (in the case of I-Wayne, he pushes the very dynamic lyrical usage of LAVA); and I might even go as far to say that the very cleverly named Lutan Fyah might carry a different moniker had the concepts not exploded as much as they have. We have even seen soca artists, most notably the soon to be legendary Bunji Garlin who have carried the enflamed mantle as well (as well as Machel Montano, check his latest release, Flame On). All of that being said, however, without a doubt the greatest and most well known `fireman' since the fire's `return' to reggae music has been Capleton. The huge chanting St. Mary native marked the second phase of his career (after spending the first as a bad boy hardcore dancehall DJ) with a LITERAL flame which has yet to quench more than a decade later. While one DEFINITELY has to give credit to Anthony B for bringing back the fire to prominence, one would also have to give credit for COMPLETELY dismantling and pushing even hotter flames than ever heard. Thus, probably MOST of the artist you will hear this days (both young and old) chanting for the fire will owe a bit of influence (and some even more than a BIT) to Capleton. Internationally, Capleton has launched a full on flaming attack on audiences with HUGE albums brandishing names such as Still Blazing, Reign of Fire and most notably Most Fire, one of the single greatest reggae albums of all time. Capleton (and Anthony B) have also had to withstand a full blown assault on their ideologies, particularly from international figures who take the condemnatory stance of "Fire Bun _____", too literally instead of in the well figurative way in which it is NORMALLY meant. There have been others of high note such as Sizzla Kalonji, a direct peer of both Capleton and Anthony B whose fire chanting style has been even more influential than Capleton himself (speaking as a whole, not just with the fire); the aforementioned Lutan Fyah, former Capleton disciple Jah Mason and, interestingly enough, longtime veteran Tony Rebel; all of whom have sough (and succeeded in varying degrees) in pushing the fire and flames to all corrupted and oppressive entities throughout the world.

Last year I added the name of Ras Brando to that list as well. Ras Brando is an up and coming very fiery and VERY impressive chanter cut directly out of the mold of Capleton himself (and I would love to see him run through the halls of David House, Capleton's home base, at some point in the future) and now, yet another new name (to me) steps forth preaching the virtues of the cleansing nature of the fire, he impressive Kingston native, Chief Nukachez. The big voiced (although USUALLY somewhat laid back) chanter comes, as several recent artists who have made their ways onto my radars as almost exclusively through their albums. Just recently, I've 'stumbled' across well solid artists such as Bobby Tenna, Virgin Islander Harry Mo and even the aforementioned Ras Brando (and be on the lookout for a next WICKED artist by the name of Ras Penco as well), Ras Igan and Bahamian Jah Hem through their albums alone as they haven't been receiving a big push here in the Caribbean. Interestingly enough (although not very surprising) the ONLY time I had previously been aware of the name Nukachez was, like Prince Pankhi and young Jah Malo, as a somewhat official tertiary members of Capleton's David House crew, although, unlike Pankhi and of course Malo, I had yet to actually hear a tune manned by Nukachez himself. The reason why I probably haven't heard his vibes is that he may actually be a bit more popular in the states where he apparently has a solid fan base built in the state of Florida (I do question whether or not now more familiar members of David House, Military Man and Jah Thunder, now can seek the same routes to get their LONG overdue debuts). Style wise, Nukachez' `flame throwing' is probably most reminiscent of the aforementioned Military Man. Although virtually unknown and CRIMINALLY under heard and utilized, Military has an almost brilliant simple straight forward style (and if you haven't (KNOWINGLY) had the opportunity to vibe Military Man, definitely check some singles, especially From Wah Day on the Father Jungle Rock riddim); I would also - Achis


December 2008 - Five Star Rating from on self-produced single (Oxygen)
September 2008, Three Star Rating from in self produced album Ashes
July 2006, 7 inch UK Release Ashes
November 2006 Live TV performance Featured (Most Blessed)



Chief Nukachez

The I'Elements of Fire


Imminent Records

The world must prepare itself for the next musical phenomenon of this era,

Terrence Allen (AKA Chief Nukachez). Born in Kingston Jamaica he was introduced to

Music at an early age, with the influence of his mother, Emperor of Ethiopia King

Selassie I along with certain musicians. His lyrics are original, fresh and heartening with

A perfect blend of reggae, cultural and spiritual melodies. He has also manage to

Accomplish a hit song titled Ashes featuring Capleton (AKA Clifton Bailey). Whether

You meet him in person or on the stage you will be mesmerized by his captivating energy

That connects to your soul...