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""Urban music radio comes to Springfield online""

"Pennsylvania’s Nük brought the crowd to its feet as they spit out raps that had the room bumping..." - Illinois Times

""Urban music radio comes to Springfield online""

"Pennsylvania’s Nük brought the crowd to its feet as they spit out raps that had the room bumping..." - Illinois Times


Nuttin' But A Thang feat MC Breed - single with airplay
I'm Gon get Chu!!! - single
Coldest - single
Granmas Love - single
Get Busy - single

Sketches vol.1 - EP

The Highway Chronicles: Interstate - Mixtape



Though NÜK loved writing and reading poetry and freestyling throughout his childhood, he would have never called writing, rapping and producing to be his career. Born Tommy Lee Lewis, the Detroit native spent an equal amount of time rapping as he did bouncing from one school to the other. Son of a traveling businessman, as a child Tommy moved often. As an adult, he finally laid down his roots, settling on the east coast where he would nurture his gift for creating music, full- time.

Despite moving around and not maintaining long-term friendships until high school, two things remained consistent in his life, his love for poetry and freestyling. “Poetry is whatever it wants to be in the form of words. I feel that it is more than trapping that moment in time; it is the motion of moving forward. With that in mind, consider me to be more of a progressive poet, than a rapper,” he explains. It wasn’t until his stay in Tennessee that he would develop the ambition to take his talent to the next level.

While attending high school in Memphis, Lewis befriended a young visionary by the name of DKAPA, who was already making moves in the industry. The teens instantly gravitated towards each other, swapping lyrics for sport. “It was all for show- I never wanted to be famous. I just loved to feel the vibes from the lunchroom when I put my words together, but the energy I got from DKAPA, forced me to lock in some goals for my future,” NÜK recalls. Taking his cue from his classmate, he kept his already given nickname, NÜK and began familiarizing himself with recording studios only recording pieces for his personal vault. However, there was a bigger challenge that hindered him from giving music 100%. Influenced heavily by his surroundings, the artist was involved in street activity that would support him throughout his young adult years.

Relocating back to Michigan, he maintained with one foot in music and the other planted firmly in the streets. Embracing his street lifestyle, the rapper’s lyrics painted pictures of his experiences and told stories of the men in his circle. Yet, all of NÜK’s songs were fluid with his moods, “I had a girlfriend that kept me grounded and positive, so I wrote songs about love. When we parted ways, I rapped about bitches, if I read something in the news that charged my anger, I wrote on social issues. I’m not a one-dimensional artist.”

NÜK continued to live his life everyday unchanged until he was involved in a shooting that almost took his life. Sacrificing his street credibility, he abandoned his delinquent lifestyle and centered all his energy into rapping and producing. One of his cousins, who was well-known throughout Michigan committed to investing in him and started to introduce him to local celebrities and industry tastemakers. Surging forward, NÜK’s efforts began to pay off when he recorded the single “Nuttin’ But A Thang,” featuring MC Breed. Before the world lost Breed, the single reached radio stations throughout the nation and into Canada’s air waves. Feeling accomplished, NÜK redefined his name as Nubian Underground King, released his first mixtape The Highway Chronicles in 2011, continues to release singles via the internet and is currently promoting his EP entitled Sketches, which can be found on CD Baby and iTunes.com and putting the finishing touches on his Untitled mixtape set to release in Summer of 2012.

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