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A breath of fresh air. A Music group who's passion for God is visible through their music and their lives. Ministers of God's word first, these young artist have been called to impact a generation of youth with a profound message of hope, love, and faith. Letting their light shine before all men.


A very unique and powerful group that has obeyed the voice of the lord. This group consist of two males and a female who all write their own music and who's passion to minister and uplift is visible with every performance. These young artist have created their own buzz and have been welcomed by all denominations across their city and state. Making there way across every city and state in 2009. They hope to win hearts over to the Lords calling and inspire every young person to a new level of faith. Nu Life Music is a fusion between Pop/RnB/Hop Hop and contemporary worship. Born and raised in a church environment in a small town called New London. J. Water/ Valerie Grace/ and Garcee-A have been determined to bring their gift to this young generation and share their testimony of hope, love, and redemption. From being adopted, to dealing with unfaithfulness, family addictions, and financial crisis these talented artist have overcome adversity through believing in a promise and a calling over their lives to minister the word of God. Please join them in this incredible journey and be amazed what God can do for you. God has done a miracle with these young men and women.

Romans 3:23-24
“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”-


First Class

Written By: Nu Life Music

Hook: You could be a rock star/ You could be a famous singer/ You could be the top dog/ the biggest entertainer x2

I,m talking to the rich man/ I'm talking to the poor man/ I'm talking to the young man /
I said I'm talking to Ya'll yeah x2/
so you got money and you got a car/ and you got a house and you think you living large/ you think your a star yeah but there's pain in your heart yeah/ even while you working GOD sees you hurting/ no need to wonder cuz you gotta purpose/ he knows who you are yeah/ I said he knows who you are yeah

Hook: You could be a rock star/ You could be a famous singer/ You could be the top dog/ the biggest entertainer x2

No matter how rich you get just don't forget him/ his name is Jesus/ I said no matter how rich you get just don't forget him his name is Jesus/ Cause when you didn't have / he gave you what you got/ so come and start to praise/
If you feel like I feel/ throw your hands to this beat and start to wave/ say Lord I need you/ Cause when I turned my back/ and was living in my ways/ you still called me by my name/ You said VALERIE/ To all the stars who want a change I you gotta do is call his name/

Hook: You could be a rock star/ You could be a famous singer/ You could be the top dog/ the biggest entertainer x2

You could rock Gucci You could rock Lui/ You could have all the latest styles/ You could drive a Bentley you could drive a Lambo/ You could have all the cars in town/ You could buy the diamonds/ You could have the houses/ You could have boats on the sea/ but it don't mean a thing a thing/ If Jesus ain't your every thing/ You can have it all-- one day --and the next its gone /your a superstar/ they know who you are/ You aould have an agent/ you can have a lwayer/ you can every one around/ but if you ain't got Jesus/ then when you fall/ theres no one around/ If you ain't got his love/ oh yeah/ you ain't got nothing, nothing at all ooh all


LP Grounded
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Set List

We usually base our performance on time. We usually require about 35 minutes to 50minutes for all performances. We like to be lead in every event allowing for God to minister to the people. The songs choices are decided based on location and the type of event.
These are just some examples but sets are subject to change based on time and location.

1st SET
First Class 4:01
Shelter 2:29
He's been there 3:15
Tonights the night 2:13
Rescue 4:14
Breathe 3:52
Total Performance Estimate: 30 Min
Speaking and Ministering: 15-25 Min

2nd SET
Breathe 3:52
Young Man 3:45
Hold Up 3:20
I Am 4:07
Reversa 2:55
Driving Annointed 2:43
They wanna know 1:40
Total Performance Estimates: 30 Min
Speaking and Ministering: 15- 25 Min