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Null Friction

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Madras takes Ottawa"

"Like the country Null Friction hails from, the band remains alive with the possibility of growth and contemplative of tradition"

Full article: - The Charlatan

"Hot Favorite"

"..a band with the right mix of optimism and melancholy..." - The New Indian Express

"Null Friction"

"Live shows are about fleeting moments of magic, and this is what this band is good at creating"

Full review: - Planet Radio City

"'Friction' strikes right notes"

"...a band with fantastic levels of energy, drive and innovativeness..." - Oman Tribune

"All You Need is Rock"

"...Listening to Chennai’s super-young Null-Friction, I lost my sense of time and space, completely intrigued by the confident new sound of rock..."

Full article: - Metro Plus

"Youth Power"

"... (Null Friction) marketed their album titled World Wide Quiet by themselves, at various concerts and sold all the copies made within their first week!..."

Full Article: - Madras Plus

"Let's listen to the Music"

"...three aspiring youngsters with a deep-rooted love for music..."

Full Review: - The Hindu:NXG

"Madras - Null Friction"

"...the album ultimately succeeds in its purpose and for all of the elements it gathers from, appears as solid and cohesive as the band itself yielding a life of its own. The band has proven themselves to be wise beyond their years, crafting an arresting album that transcends the local scene and positions them to be heard in the near future by a much bigger audience."

Full Review: - Indian Rock Mp3

"Watch: Madras - Null Friction"

"... Madras’ is one of the highlights of the record; a moody turn from the band’s usual angsty self. The video, directed by Vasundhara Shankari, is comprised of 800 photographs put together in an interesting stop-motion concept that features the band and shots of their home city. It’s one of the better videos we’ve seen from an Indian band this year ... "

Full Review: - Indiecision

""Madras" by Null Friction, album review"

"Every single song in this album is worth a listen.This is a very well-executed effort."Madras" makes us happy about the fact that good music with lyrics which have a personal connect is being churned out. The lyrics are really worth a look... espically "Mud" & "Inside Jokes".We wouldn't be surprised if this band becomes a massive success outside India.This is what good music is all about - the Song is the center of attention here.."

Full Review: - Indian Music Revolution


World Wide Quiet (EP) - 2006
Madras - 2009



Null Friction was conceptualized when classmates,
Abhishek and Shreyans, discovered each others
interests in music. On the look out for a drummer,
they encountered Ansh, who had just moved to
Chennai a few days ago. It was only after growing
close as a band that they were informed of their
drummer’s musical history, or lack thereof. It turned
out that Ansh was not even a drummer he just
claimed to be one. But, up until they were told,
neither of the other two knew this, and Ansh,
delivering more and more outstandingly each time he
played, gave them no reason to suspect.

In time, the band came up with a good number of
songs and decided to spread it across. Being strong
believers in the principle of Do it Yourself, the band
recorded their first song, Somehow, in their school’s
Sports room with bare minimum recording
equipment. The song was informally circulated on the
internet and turned out to be a bigger success than
they'd anticipated. After recording a few more songs
in their living rooms, the band decided to go into the
studio to record an album. Null Friction recorded four
songs for their EP, World Wide Quiet.

In 2008, Null Friction played it’s first country-wide
tour and made stops in Bombay (Hard Rock),
Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The band
was also invited to be the “special act” at Chennai’s
prestigious, June Rock Out festival.

2009 was perhaps the most eventful year for Null
Friction. After recording their debut full-length at
Blue Frog Studios, Bombay, the band went on to selfrelease
the album. The album was n instant hit and
opened with a #1 spot on ReverbNation’s India
charts, #12 on Gimmesound’s charts and received
welcoming reviews from mainstream press as well
independent blogs. The self-produced video for the
title track of the album, Madras, brought Null Friction
into the “Top 10 Most Viewed Musicians” on

The release of the album was followed with an even
bigger tour. The band traveled extensively playing at
Bombay, Pune, Shillong, Hyderabad, Cochin,
Bangalore, Pondicherry, and Chennai.

In February 2010, the band was invited to play at
New York’s respected, Sullivan Hall, with Universal
Music Artist, Ron Pope. Null Friction’s performance
was well received and the band has booked more
shows around the New York area for the rest of the

Null Friction has been rightly described by others as
angry, powerful, and unpredictable. They are young,
passionate, talented, and driven to do whatever it
takes to go all the way.