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"Worth a listen!"

Null Hype's "When You're Dreaming" EP showcases the strong songwriting skills of Daniel Quinlan. It contains a power pop and an acoustic version of the title track, "When You're Dreaming," the driving rock song, "Watching From Orbit," as well as the haunting, acoustic ballad, "Light Years." Influenced by acts, such as Jeff Buckley, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Foo Fighters, Null Hype's music has a great pop feel and familiarity to it. It is characterized by catchy melodies and interesting harmonies. Very radio-friendly and definitely worth a listen! -

"Null Hype's first attempt is a great example of a new sound in rock"

The When You're Dreaming EP is a great first outing for Null Hype. The title track shows that this group is out to rock and, this is only proved further by the second track Watching From Orbit. The writing and musicianship are superb. The third track Light Years is a very thoughtful and shows an excellent contrast in songwriting from the first two. Adding to the artist's versatility, the final track proves that the band not only rocks, but they can also take a great song and change it into a wonderful acoustic piece. Great Job, and I'm looking forward to the full album! - CD Baby

""When You're Dreaming""

Null Hype’s debut album, released on January 9, is anything but predictable. Vocals, rhythms and even styles seem to change mid-track, at times. The album kicks off with the title track, “When You’re Dreaming,” and ends with an acoustic version of the same song. The first take almost sounds like a Weezer song, but further attention to the lyrics and vocal harmonies completely dispel that notion. The track ultimately builds to a huge ending, complete with rhythmic electronic beeps reminiscent of a Star Wars film.

Next comes “Watching from Orbit,” a fast-paced tune much heavier than the first and driven by an angry, distorted guitar and a bass line that sounds like something from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song starts loud and ends loud, complete with the little beeps at the end, an effect Null Hype seems to like.

The album then turns quiet and pensive with “Light Years,” a tune with an airy falsetto melody backed by acoustic, fingerpicked guitar. The mournful lyrics end with the line “light years away from you,” and the song closes with a soft guitar harmonic line.

The album offers a mix of sounds, from driving, heavy rock to quiet, acoustic melodies, all composed by guitarist and vocalist Daniel Quinlan. The rest of the band is under construction in terms of membership, but the album is available at Bull Moose Music and on Null Hype’s Web site at - The Wire

"Northeast InTune Interview"

By: Star Child

Dan Quinlan: Guitars, Vocals
James Berube: Drums, Backing Vocals
Marc Deraps: Bass

One three-piece Lewiston, Maine band may be all Null Hype, but they give it their all. Null Hype incorporates an edgy rock sound, drawing from early ‘90s alternative and grunge melodic and strong vocals that work perfectly with the music.

Lead singer Dan said that while it’s hard to describe the bands sounds, that lately he has said its Stanley Kubrick meets Jerry Bruckheimer.

“It has a mysterious, brooding side to it, with plenty of gratuitous explosions and action,” Dan said.

Dan’s influences include Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, and local musicians.

The band has an EP out called “When You’re Dreaming”. Songs off the EP include “When You’re Dreaming”, “Watching From Orbit”, “Light Years”, and “Shields”.

On conceptualizing lyrics, Dan said that it depends on what kind of space he’s in when he gets the urge to write and where the song goes. He said that “Light Years” and “Watching From Orbit” came about from “experimenting with space as a metaphor for isolation, loneliness, and how that looks from different points of view.”

Other songs like “When You’re Dreaming” is about what you leave behind after death Dan said.

“Lately I’m fooling around with lyrics that try to capture more of a feeling of levity and letting go, having a good time,” Dan said.

Writing songs and in between bands, Dan conjured the name Null Hype, which he said he wanted to personify the material to make it feel new.

“In empirical science, the null hypothesis is the antithesis of the experimental hypothesis,” Dan said. “So, if you were doing an experiment to connect greenhouse gases with global warming, the null hypothesis would be that the use of greenhouse gases and global warming are unrelated. Another way to put it is in the context of ‘burden of proof’, which lies upon the defendant rather than the plaintiff.”

Currently, the band is working on material for their forthcoming full-length release expected out between November 2007 and February 2008.

Dan said that he plans on incorporating some of the EP into the full length with plans on doing radio and in-store promotions.

“More than anything, I’d like Null Hype to be the voice that makes it past the mouth,” Dan said.

The band plan on playing shows in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and perhaps Canada. - Northeast In-Tune


EP "When You're Dreaming" (2007 Macrofuser Records) available in Bull Moose Records (Maine & New Hampshire) and online at Apple iTunes & CDBaby.



"Like Weezer, but more serious". "A great pop feel and familiarity". "An ethereal feel; artistic lyrics & floating melodies."

This is how some describe the sound of Null Hype, a sort of musical alter-ego of guitarist/singer Daniel Quinlan. Seductive in one song and filled with raw power in the next, Null Hype excels at capturing the dynamics of emotion.

With such influences as Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots, Null Hype blends stubborn rhythms with emotive guitar. Quinlan's thoughtful (& often brooding) lyrics are delivered in hazy and hooky melodies.

In November of 2006, Quinlan recruited experimental/noise/avant-garde musicians Chris Mailhot (drums) and Nayte Wilson (bass) to record Null Hype's debut EP "When You're Dreaming".