Nulty and Cory

Nulty and Cory


"Mighty Fine Tunes!" We're a group of young talented musicians who rock the house with the legendary songs everyone knows and loves to sing along with. We also throw in a collection of catchy originals. We hop up on stage and bring an upbeat unforgettable show!


Nulty and Cory play covers and originals that get the crowd moving and having a great time!

Catalog Includes: Clapton, Van Morrison, Stevie Miller Band, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, James Taylor, and many originals influenced by all those great musicians.


Nulty White and Cory Bonanno met in 2003 at Northeastern University. Since then, they have played across the Northeast for thousands of eager fans as an acoustic duo. Early in 2008, Nulty and Cory met up with Chris and John through the reputations of their stellar performances at Berklee College of Music.



Set List

Sets can range from 45 min-3 hrs

Example Cover Set:

Ben Harper: Steal My Kisses
Eric Clapton: Change the World
Ray Charles: I got a Woman
Bob Markey: Three Little Birds
Stevie Miller Band: The Joker
Journey: Any Way You Want It
James Taylor: Carolina in My Mind
Black Street: No Diggity
Eric Clapton: Old Love
Van Morrison: Into the Mystic
Citizen Cope: Bullet and a Target
Journey: Don't Stop Believing
Dispatch: The General
Simon and Garfunkel: Mrs. Robinson
Neil Diamond: Sweet Caroline