Boston, Massachusetts, USA

honest and competent, with lyrics that are real to what we live as real people living in a real world dealing with real things as relationships choices fear sadness but most important joy hope faith. also knowing that music can speak to the soul like nothing else.


Numa talk came together two years ago when Andre, Daniel and former band Paulo got together for a local show in somerville Ma to play some of the songs Andre had recorded solo, the chemistry was amazing and the reaction from the public so great that made the members decide to stick together to form NUMA TALK.

The thought of recording was evident when the band came out with up to 15 original songs, so in april 2010 Numa Talk came into the studio. Mixed Emotions Music Studio with Kenny Louis was the chosen studio and the perfect choice for Numa Talk plus the addition of Mackendree tucker from Sonicflood to do the keyboards, strings and programing brought the songs to life.

2011 is the year Numa Talk hopes to see their music grow and play live shows as much as they can. Now with the new member Junior on bass they feel more confident than ever in their songs and years of experience in other bands that this can be the start of something great.


Be With Us LP

Set List

take me to the place
sing over me
my way to you
I am in love with you
Call your name
be with us
saved me
the lord reigns