Number One Gun

Number One Gun


After signing to Tooth & Nail in early 2005 with one album under their belts, Number One Gun immediately entered the studio to produce a lush, more mature and driving effort. Their new album “Promises For The Imperfect,” will prove to be an essential summer album.


Just over three years ago, Chico, California birthed a young, motivated new band in the form of Number One Gun. Created from a group of old high school friends, Number One Gun spent no time finding their niche amongst the trendy California music scene, quietly making a name for themselves via their unwavering work ethic.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to have touring experience and have started the groundwork for building a solid fanbase,” frontman Jeff Schneeweis explains. “The fans we already have have been very loyal to us, and we hope that will carry over to the new release and continue to grow.”

That touring experience has not only been the key to alluring new fans night after night in NOG’s short career, but it has also helped bring the band to a new stage of maturity that might not have otherwise been reached with such fluidity. Already the young group have toured with the likes of Saves the Day, Anberlin, Emery, Relient K, and Acceptance.

In addition, NOG released their debut full-length “Celebrate Mistakes” to rave reviews in 2003, also making a music video for their single, “Starting Line,” which can be seen on the band’s official website at:

Currently entering the studio with producer Aaron Sprinkle (Acceptance, Pedro the Lion, MxPx), Number One Gun’s debut Tooth & Nail release is set for an early summer release.


Promises For The Imperfect