Number Seven

Number Seven

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Number Seven is an up and coming rap group that brings a unique style to the genre of hip hop/rap. The rap game is lacking originality and many artists sound the same. Number Seven has broken the mold and will give the listeners something to remember.


Number Seven
Number Seven was formed in late 2006 as two artists with separate backgrounds joined forces to impact the music industry. Consisting of Lymeric and Lyrakul, these storytellers provide a style that can reach a diverse audience. Delivering a sound derived from traditional hip-hop, fused with hard-hitting rock influences, Number Seven is a new breed of music. In a sea of fake individuals and hypocrites, Number Seven shines by speaking the truth and experiences of everyday life. Their songs reflect positivity and change. Number Seven addresses issues in society such as growing up in a broken home, feeling peer pressure, dealing with relationships, or just everyday occurrences. People from all backgrounds will feel the power of the music and relate with the messages in the songs. Whether attacking a vocal in the sound booth or mesmerizing the crowd on stage, Number Seven speaks to the masses.

Contact Information:
Phone: 931-338-1101



Set List

Song Listing
Number Seven 'Something to Remember'

(Number Seven song set is 45 minutes)

1. Theory of Seven
2. Movin'
3. Something to Remember
5. It's Gonna Work Out (In Time)
6. Who I Am
7. (Skipped Track)
8. Tomorrow’s a New Day
9. The Beat Goes On
10. (DJ Woz Radio - Skit)
11. Rep Where ya 'From
12. What is Loyalty?
13. Break it Down
14. Help Me Find a Way
15. Letting Go
16. Outro