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Energetic midwest rap trio that can rock the mic AND the stage. NU MONEY delivers exciting, curse-free performances with "moves." Always keeping the audience's attention, NU MONEY is starting to receive major label interest and is seeking joint venture based deals in 2008.


NU MONEY differs from most urban acts by combining a unique blend of urban music with "real" stage performances and an intense desire to succeed. Developed and nurtured by their independent record label, Get Right Entertainment, NU MONEY is achieving exposure and success through performances, networking and a growing internet presence.

The group is comprised of Steve White, Kray and Armonie, while K-Deuce and Kendoe serve as executive producers and label owners. NU MONEY has previously released a 6 song EP and is currently gaining exposure by touring local clubs, festivals and opening for regional/national acts.

Knowing a long road exists to national recognition, NU MONEY will work harder than most and continue to create urban hits for its growing audience.


Singles from upcoming LP:

1. Switchin' Lanes
2. Stunna Shades

The Takeover EP:

1. Intro
2. The Takeover
3. U Drunk
4. Mil-Town
5. Hay Shawdy
6. The Breakup

Set List

Set times and song content vary. NU MONEY can adapt to any situation.

The Takeover
Switchin' Lanes
She's Sweatin'
I'm a Hustler
Stunna Shades
This Is What We Do
U Drunk
I'm Doin' It
So Fly
+ 1-2 mixtape selections (original lyrics w/ currently charted singles)

Total set can range from 12 to 60 minutes.