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The best kept secret in music


"Violent Femmes' Victor DeLorenzo (7/11/04)"

RIGHT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.........go nuna, go !

love from whereeever I am.........Victor DuLorenzo - Victor DeLorenzo (Violent Femmes)

"Online Review (7/1/04)"

Wednesday afternoon I saw something pretty damn amazing!
NUNA played at the Lazer 103 rock stage at 5pm.
Not only has that kid gone through hell with his back problems, he was stricken with another blow.
Early this week he was in a accident were he was rammed from behind. HE PLAYED THE FUCKING SHOW IN A WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!!!!
I can honestly say that I do not know of many bands that would have gone on with this gig!
In my years of playing and booking music, I can honestly say I have never seen something quite like it!
Funny thing! Nuna did not bitch about his situation, he was joking with the crowd and giving his all.
And it showed! Members of TESLA (who were the headliners that night) where commenting on how NUNA should have been their opening act! The Rock Stage monitor mixer ( a very well known and well liked performer himself) commented on how they were the "best local band to play that stage so far" not to shabby, considering Summerfest has been going on for six days and tons of local performers have graced that stage.
Why do I feel the need to share this info with everyone? Because I saw something magical and want to share it with others.
In this day of performers wanting this, or not playing without that. It is truly beautiful to see a performer (who in all reality, should be resting and drugged up doing nothing and relaxing!) care enough about his music and his band to do the ultimate rock and roll cliché! But somehow I don't think this band intended to do the ultimate cliché! This band did what they do best and that "cliche" of the " SHOW MUST GO ON"!
Well it wasn't a cliché! It was NUNA!
Thanks for the shot in the arm that many of us jaded "music folks" needed!
JJ McAuliffe - JJ McAuliffe (Club Owner)

"Nuna's energy is back ... (3/05)"

5:21 a.m. March 4, 2005
Nuna's energy is back since last year's fall
By Josh Hertzog

Minch says, "I'm still recovering, but playing music is the best therapy."
To say Nuna has been through a lot is a huge understatement. The energetic hard rock trio with catchy melodies and glimmers of punk has certainly had its share of unordinary occurrences.

"It has been a crazy ride for us," Nuna Minch says.

The last time spoke with the group, it was after lead singer Minch slipped and fell leaving him with a herniated disc and stuck in a wheelchair. But this didn't stop the band from performing, surprising many fans and gaining new ones, at Summerfest in 2004.

Now, Minch is back on his feet, and with his sister Anya on the bass and a new drummer in Johnny Diaz, things are looking up.

"I'm doing a lot better," says Minch. "I'm still recovering, but playing music is the best therapy. For me, music is the only thing. If I didn't have it, I'd be in really bad shape."

The band is excited to return more energy to its live shows, but not too much.

"We used to wrestle on stage because our energy levels got so high," Anya says. "We don't do that anymore. We don't want any more injuries. It's good to have him on his feet again."

Diaz says wandering the States has been his favorite part of the ride. "It's been exciting. We get to do quite a bit of traveling. We're hitting up New York next month. I'm getting around more than I ever have."

That's what sets Nuna apart from other bands today, says Diaz. "A lot of bands aren't willing to go out of state, but we love the opportunity."

And those opportunities have led to much success. One of the many gigs the band has played was AIDS Rock Ohio featuring over 700 bands from six continents. Nuna took first place.

"That was our most memorable event," Minch says. "Winning it with over 700 bands competing was a one-of-a-kind experience."

The memory is humorous as much as it is sentimental.

"We broke the trophy right after we won," says Anya. "It wasn't very sturdy. We jerked it the wrong way, and it broke on us."

And as they laugh at the past, the members of Nuna look excitedly toward the future.

"We hope to play Summerfest this year, and we've got festivals all over from here to Michigan we're set on playing," Minch says.

Watch out Europe. Nuna could be heading your way. "We need passports first, though, so we'll see," says Minch.

Even with extended periods of time on the road, Nuna is constantly creating more music. "We've got a new album in the works. Just waiting to see the layout and for the proofs to come back," Anya says.

This rock-'til-you-drop group isn't planning on slowing its music ambitions down anytime soon. They aren't just in it for themselves, though.

"We love the fans," Diaz says. "The crowds are just awesome. We do it for them."

Nuna will play at Ricky's Place, 236 Main St., in Racine on Saturday, March 5, minus the wheelchair. The show is a Thoughts For Food Benefit Concert and features 70 bands on 15 stages for $10. -

""as exciting onstage as they are on record.""

Described as creepy, sexy and haunting, Milwaukee's NUNA has pounded the pavement from the Midwest to New York over the past few years refining an act that has got people taking serious notice. While punk is the obvious cornerstone of their sound, traces of pop and grunge take their material to a place that defies parameters and breaks down boundaries that confine many groups labeled as punk rock. Frontman Nuna Minch along with sister Anya on bass, are a one-two punch that is as exciting onstage as they are on record. Their latest release, which was nurtured by producer extraordinaire Mike Hoffmann, has been making its way to the desks of some big wigs in the record biz, and the buzz is loud and noisy. This is a band that is at the frontlines of the war zone that is today's American Midwest punk.
~ Lane Klozier (10/05 issue #116) - Maximum Ink

"Vital Source (4/03)"

This Milwaukee trio delivers an extremely energetic and catchy disk that seems to defy pigeonholing under any convenient label. ... there's a quality to the songs that transcends easy categorization. ... leader/singer/songwriter Nuna Minch...has a definite way with a pop tune as evidenced in the lilting instrumentation and sing-along melodies. - Jeremy Saperstein

" (2/21/03)"

One band rooted in the spirit of punk but with its own sound is NUNA. ... NUNA's live show has an explosiveness. This hasn't gone unnoticed and the band was recently signed by a talent agency that is working hard to get NUNA introduced to new audiences and has designs on a record deal that will help move the trio to another level. In the meantime the band is doing what it knows: playing gigs. - Bobby Tanzilo

"Shepherd Express 10/01/03"

NUNA has successfully avoided being pigeonholed into any particular genre. Their sound, while deeply rooted in punk, has a power-pop edge as fun as it is tenacious. Their 2001 release, Headcase was rough enough to please hard core fans with just enough polish to make its way into the record collections of those with a taste for something a touch more mainstream. Nuna Minch (guitar/vocals), sister Anya (bass) and new recruit Dawn K. (drums) have set their sights on the big time, performing wherever they can to enthusiastic crowds with a show that could be described as explosive.
A recent milestone in their quest for greatness took place earlier this month in Columbus, Ohio at the AIDSROCKOHIO competition where our hometown champs took first place among 700 bands from around the world. The band is currently in the studio with producer extraordinaire Mike Hoffmann working on their next release. This is a band to keep your eye on. - Brian Barney


"Headcase" Full-length CD c2001 Alterna-Punk Music ASCAP
"Come Get Some" single c2002 Alterna-Punk Music ASCAP for the "Cool Tunes For Education" Benefit CD (Wisconsin)
"Chubba Bubba" c2001 AlternaPunk Music ASCAP for the "Musicians For Life" Benefit CD (Columbus, OH)


Feeling a bit camera shy


NUNA i- a 3-piece rocking outfit that counts Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City home amongst others - has toured the eastern half of the country and is looking to go nationwide. Combining elements of straight-up rock, nu-punk, pop and garage, the combo recently took 1st place over 700 other bands at AIDSROCK OHIO. NUNA lays out a future sound that has been called "creepy, sexy and
haunting" ( The magazine Vital Source says, "This trio delivers an extremely energetic and catchy disk that seems to defy pigeonholing under any convenient label .... a definite way with a pop tune as evidenced in the lilting instrumentation and sing-along melodies". While the band is beginning work on the follow-up
to their debut "Headcase" which landed 6 songs on local radio, a sweaty beer-soaked room in front of an enthusiastic crowd is more to NUNA's liking. Just give them a stage and they'll win you over.