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Is it possible to melt the blues, jazz and pop? This is at least the intention of this quartet consisting Barcelona Marcos Luna (bass and bass), Ermengol Mayol (drums), Jesus V. Luna (guit) and Raquel Bonilla (voice). They say make a timeless and eclectic music. Downsides? No recruit those to fixed gear. What are the advantages? Become a gap between your ears open. The personal voice of Rachel, the careful instrumentation and creating soundscapes are your weapons.Ah! Dare with a version of Dos gardenias. - las calles del pop

"NUNA: VELVET meows"

If we were to make a division between two types of people for their taste in pets, we could make two groups: those who are drawn to the cats or who identify with the dogs. I'm sure it would be totally catlike Nuna. Despise the obvious and transparency of the dog, for ambiguity and insubordination of domestic feline.

As the title suggests its debut, the band from Barcelona feels like a scalded cat in wetlands. Using sounds difficult to label, if anything is clear is that neither the label nor fashion, is what most worries the quartet. 'orejas de gato' is not intended for people who want to follow the latest trend or mark pose snob circles. The disc is designed with the sincere intention to openly and music for the listener desacomplejado.

The 12 songs that make up 'orejas de gato' drink of styles as diverse as blues, bolero or trip-hop and connect with the personality lyrical, almost Gothic, which gives the vocal timbre of Raquel Bonilla. As the face and eyes of the band, Rachel gives a personality to the sound clear, but there is certainly much more than a singular voice and an eclectic repertoire behind Nuna. The guitar harmony of Jesus Luna provides rich sound and omnipresent, without abusing resources guitarists how bad we are accustomed to hearing. The variety of resources as well dosed Jesus in his field, are fully backed by the bassist Marcos Luna, giving a weight and warmth necessary for Nuna musical machinery remains well-oiled.

The quartet reaches his more lucid moments, when approaching a sound so dense it seems that can be cut with a knife. Songs-time, near trip-hop rhythms, bring to mind bands like Massive Attack, but with a more organic sound and especially with a clearly idiosyncratic blues. And the sound is clean and harmonious no longer present in each and every one of the tracks on the album, also giving us remarkable arrangements, which round out the sound of 'orejas de gato'.

So, for cat lovers, I recommend paying close attention to this band, which at least promises courage and good taste. And those who like me, are allergic to these critters, I recommend that you put leather gloves, take a good antihistamine and get carried away by the atmosphere and hypnotic universe offered Nuna.

Text: Alex Perez Medina - L'ampli


LP "orejas de gato" 2011



NUNA brings out his first album "orejas de gato"

Nuna begins his journey as a duo (Raquel Bonilla and Jesus Luna) in 2005 playing covers of Bjork, Massive Attack, etta james, ...

In time the project grows reinforced with drums and bass and looking own sound resulting in the first LP "orejas de gato", 2011

"orejas de gato" eclectic and timeless
where live sounds could be antagonistic as blues and

Nuna are Marcos Luna (Yacine and the oriental groove, Nour, Jan and the electric Poets) on bass and electric bass; Ermengol Mayol (Gerard Quintana, Just 4 Fun, Javier La Mattina) on drums; Jesus V. Luna (Jan and the electric poets, Pere Espinosa, Motorzombis) on guitars, and Raquel Bonilla (Swarm, Leaves) on vocals.

The album was recorded during the months of July and August 2010, live in the "the watchman Sentinel studio". Thus stress and breathes freshness that prompted us to start this adventure.

The work is rounded large collaborations: Xavi Caparros (Mishima,The Linn Youki Project), Dani Ferrer (Love of lesbian, Marc Parrot, San Pedro), Jairo Moreno (Motorzombis, tiki phantoms), Manolo Lopez (Neyla Bembey, Taima Tessao, Möek), Roser Monforte (Macarra Funk, Companyia de teatre Comediants, Neyla Benbey, Mentes en corto, Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de musics, ... ), Gennis Navarro (penguins), David Guerrero (Bunkerlab, Ferro concrete).