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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Thank you!"

On behalf of Bison Courtyard and the Culture Walk group, we would like to thank Nuna'Y for coming to Banff and performing Saturday August 9/08. The music was wonderful and brought life to the courtyard. Since the weekend, we have heard a lot of great reviews about your performance so once again, thank you very much for making the trip to Banff and for performing such wonderful music. - Banff Culture Walk Group


June 2010 - carried by the wind album
June 2009 - Fiesta Andina album
June 2008 - My Bolivia album
June 2007 - Journey To Bolivia album
Dec. 2007 - Inca Bridges album
June 2006 - My Soul (Self titled) album




Nuna'Y meaning 'My Soul' in Quechua (one of the first languages of Bolivia) is a trio of multi talented musicians, led by founding member Marcelo Soria. They perform the beautiful music of their Andes homeland and renditions of widely heard world contemporary songs with South American influences. Nuna'Y have been captivating audiences with its enchanting sounds of Andean instruments and blend of guitar.

About the instruments:

All wind instruments from the Andes (Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile and Argentina) region are made from bamboo.

Panpipes or Zampona (in Spanish) are one of the oldest wind instruments and are an integral part of Andean folk music. Measuring less than an inch to over four feet, panpipes are reminisce of the blowing wind of the highlands of Bolivia.

Quenas (notched ended flutes) are another popular wind instrument played.

The charango is the only stringed instrument native of the Andes.

With the introduction of the guitar has brought new rhythms and richer styles to Andean music.

Bolivian culture is immersed with many Native American influences both in music and clothing. The soul of Nuna`Y is reflected through these influences and highlighted in their music. When listening to Nuna`Y, they touch audiences with their music as it speaks directly to the soul. They perform a mixture of traditional Andean music from mellow to lively and upbeat combined with International classics (House of the Rising Sun, Sound of Silence, Unchained Melody) that sound amazing with the panflute. Their performances are equally calming, heartfelt, inspiring, energetic and memorable. They also perform vocals in Spanish, along with Aymara and Quechua languages.

The versatile group Nuna`Y continually hold the audiences in awe with their performances from music festivals (Gateway, Mountain Beat), to cultural events (Mosaic, Swift Current Multicultural Celebration), to sporting events (Masters at Spruce Meadows, Mother's Day run), to street festivals (Lilac, Sunfest, Latino), and to regional exhibitions and fairs (Calgary Stampede, Capital Ex, Saskatoon Ex).

By bringing universal appeal, Nuna'Y has been entertaining audiences of all ages for the past decade and winning them plenty of adoring fans everywhere they perform. Having such a broad fan base, enables Nuna'Y to play every venue and event. Many listeners have told us "It brings a smile to their faces".

Nuna'Y is currently in pre production for their latest album. The group puts a lot of thought and care with each album. This new collection of songs will feature more intricate guitar arrangements which further showcase their diverse talents. Marcelo will be back in the studio recording in the spring and debuting a new disc this summer!

Marcelo will be performing his new material this year.

We hope you will enjoy your experience with Nuna'Y.