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"Ninja Betty and the Nunchix make Rogue Bar sexy"

The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale was hit with some girl power this past weekend as lovely ladies from LA Ninja Betty and the Nunchix spread their pop-filled unicorn magic all over the stage.

The synth-heavy group reminded me of the female version of an Adam Lambert show — there were lots of Broadway-style notes belted from talented singer Natalie Ferraro, plus a whole lot of sparkle. Ferraro and her bandmate Bethany Weber both donned oh-so-awesome unicorn outfits while on-stage, and Ferraro passed out glow-in-the-dark props for the audience to wave around during the songs. - Nicki a La Noche



Drop Dead Gorgeous (2012)
Love You Love (2012)
Star[f]uckr (2012)
Charge Me Up (2012)


Ninja Betty and The Nunchix (2013)



Bethany, 22, a composition major from Berklee College of Music and Natalie, 34, a size discrimination activist from New York met in LA in 2010. The band was born via g-chat and developed over a shared love of technology, analogue synths, memes, solid song writing, performance art and feminism.

Their biggest influence are Beyonce's Legs, Kimbra, Florence and the Machine, James Blake, Mat&Kim, Leslie and LY's, Peaches, The Gossip, and CSS.

Nunchix put on a show, with costumes, animated gifs, light up swords, and back up prancers called "The Betties."

They are loved by hipsters, gays, the plus size community, and anyone who likes to dance.