Nune & The Bad Scooters

Nune & The Bad Scooters

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

We want to bring the power of rock and roll to every city. Our principles are honesty, intensity and attitude. Keep on rockin'!


Nune is a singer-songwriter born in Barcelona. After living in the USA for a while and play in several rock bands, she decided to write her own songs.
It was after hearing the Springsteen classic from 'Born to run', 'Tenth avenue freeze out' when she knew with her band's name. The story of Bad Scooter and the Big Man deeply inspired her and she wanted to make a tribute to friendship and the love to rock and roll.
After that, only one thing was missing: the band. That's when she looked for the Bad Scooters to complete the circle.

Their first EP 'The streets that you walked' was released on May.
Their music is influenced by the 70s rock and the 90s american indie scene.


The streets that you walked (EP- 2012)
All songs by Edurne Vega (Nune).

Produced by Nune & The Bad Scooters and George Mileson.
Recorded at Growin' Up Studios on February 2012 by George Mileson.
Photography and cover design by Ramón Frías

Set List

My punk babe
The streets that you walked
I finally found you
We're not like them
TV Show
Your life
Wild love
8- Rock'n'roll
9- Rockin' hard